Enter Reservation Agent name(s)

Telephone - Telephone etiquette meets standard

Main hotel telephone answering meets standard

Reservations Agent greeting meets luxury standards

Reservations Agent is knowledgeable about restaurant outlets

If caller is placed on hold, total hold time does not exceed 3 minutes

Reservations Agent offers to book reservation to luxury standards

Reservation Agent assumes the sale

Reservation Agent attempts to up-sell to Club Room or Suite

Reservations Agent is knowledgeable about the property

Reservation Agent mentions applicable fees

Reservations Agent questions effectively to personalize stay

Reservations Agent offers to sign up guest for Rewards program

Reservations Agent gathers information to book reservation

Reservations Agent confirms reservation

Reservations Agent explained booking rules and cancellation policy

Telephone – Warm welcome/greeting provided

Telephone - Guest name used during the experience, when known

Telephone - Further assistance offered to the guest

Telephone - Warm and sincere closing offered and appreciation demonstrated

Telephone - Reservations Agent provides a fond farewell (Three Steps of Service)

Telephone - Reservations Agent uses appropriate verbiage and shows genuine concern

Telephone - The overall experience met guest expectations and was free of negative detractors

Reservations Agent enhances emotional engagement (positive)

Reservations Agent enhances emotional engagement (negative)

Pre-arrival email meets standard

Follow-up to electronic inquiry is made within 24 hours

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