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AED, Medical & First Aid

  • Monthly AED check has been performed by an EMT/ERT member and has been verified that it is fully functional

  • Are first aid supplies available and easily accessible?

  • Are emergency phone numbers posted where they can be found in case of an emergency?

  • Is there a process for notifying an EMT/ERT member posted and updated?

  • Are instructions for transportation of an injured or ill employee such as by ambulance posted?

Compressed Gases

  • Are cylinders stored upright, secured and in a dry, cool area?

  • Are cylinders stored away from electrical connections, flames, sources of ignition and flammable/combustible substances?

  • Are acetylene and propane gas cylinders separated from oxygen by at least 20 feet or by a fire resistant partition when in storage?

  • Are all compressed gas cylinder valve covers in place when the cylinders are not in use?

  • Are all compressed gas cylinders labels clear and legible?

  • Are all compressed gas cylinders free from visual defects?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders moved by a suitable hand truck?

Fire Sprinkler

  • Are fire sprinklers riser (vertical water mains) accessible at all times?

  • Is the area around the fire sprinkler risers kept clean, free from debris and in an orderly manner?

  • Are fire sprinkler risers adequately protected from forklift and other potential damage?

  • Are exterior wall valves, post indicator valves locked in the open position?

  • Are fire department connections (FDC) on the exterior of the building kept accessible at all times?

  • Are fire hydrants on and close by the property accessible at all times? (winter especially)

  • Are items stored in racking and other areas near sprinkler heads at a distance providing at least 18 inches of clearance from the heads.

  • Are fire sprinkler zone maps strategically placed for quick reference? (if applicable)

  • Are fire sprinkler risers marked indicating their respective zone being served? (if applicable)

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Are adequate engineering and protective steps taken to protect employees from chemical exposure hazards? (handling of chemicals during production, or exposure from spills/leaks)

  • Are workers nearby aware of the content of chemical systems and are operating procedures readily available?

  • Is there a safety data sheet readily available for each hazardous substance used or accessed to Fortis via a computer in the area of use?

  • Are all containers labeled, tagged or marked as to their contents? (e.g. vats, storage tanks, drums, bottles)

  • If hazardous waste is stored, are all hazardous waste requirements complied with?

  • Are provisions made for secondary containment of chemicals should a container become punctured and/or damaged?

  • Are provisions made to dam, dike, divert a chemical spill/leak from storm sewers?

  • Are spill kits stocked, identified and readily available for use should a spill occur?

  • Are chemicals stored in an orderly fashion and protected from damage to forklift and other motorized vehicle activity?

  • Is proper PPE being worn by employees involved in the handling of hazardous chemicals?

  • Are decontamination procedures being utilized by employees involved in the use of chemicals prior to removing PPE?

Weld Area

  • Are only authorized and trained employees permitted to use welding, cutting or brazing equipment?

  • Appropriate (and dry) PPE worn: eye, ear, and body?

  • Are the work return leads connected to the work piece?

  • Are cables together, without worn/damaged insulation, protected and connected properly?

  • Area welders using local exhaust system?

  • Are gas cylinders secure, inspected and connected properly?

  • Is work stable and within reach?

  • Is the area clean, traffic areas clear, no clutter, no standing water, no flammable or combustible material in the area?

  • Are protective screens in place to protect others?

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