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  • Area Manager - Store Visit Checklist

  • Store

  • Conducted on

  • Area Manager

1 India Family Mart AM Audit Sheet


  • Sales versus Budget

  • Team members aware of budgets/actuals

  • KPI's - Store Manager aware of Actuals and plan in place <br>UPT<br>ACP<br>Loyalty<br>Traffic

  • Evidence of focus being driven throughout the team

  • *Monthly - Scorecard and Store Financial report catch up <br>

Floor Walk

  • Use and understanding of Store Performance Report and Microstrategy reports during visit

  • Manager able to quantify reasons behind numbers

  • Front tables as per table direction

  • Top sellers placement in primary locations (hot spots)

  • Stock mix reviewed and relative to space allocation

  • Volume stock in primary / secondary locations

  • Feedback on product

  • Markdowns actioned

  • Pos area organised

  • Old colour groups looking refreshed

  • Signs of recovery and replenishment being completed - Spot check

  • Holds maintained

  • Personal grooming standards being adhered to

  • Verify if lights and any other maintenance issue has been lodged with FRC

Customer Service

  • Observe if team members are making customer service their main priority

  • Observe level of fitting room service and provide feedback

  • Observe management leading the team by example and provide feedback on observations

  • Verify if gridding system is in place in store

  • Witchery Badges being worn by all team members at all times

  • *Review most recent Mystery Shopper result and ensure actions have been put in place

  • *If a promotion is on query a staff members and observe if this is being verbally communicated

Visual Merchandising

  • Windows as per direction

  • In store mannequins maintained

  • Stock merchandised according to standards - Sized, Steamed, no tapes on garments, Face outs on fat hangers

  • Women's apparel merchandised according to standards

  • Women's accessories merchandised according to standards

  • Kidswear merchandised according to standards

  • Menswear merchandised according to standards

  • Top of shelves completed according to brief

  • Ensure accessories opportunities are being maximised by having options on display on top of tables, shelves and blocks where applicable

Back of House Standards

  • Stockroom clean, organised and free of clutter

  • Evidence of all styles on the floor

  • One off's managed according to policy

  • Hangers stored neatly and no excess kept in store

  • Faulties up to date and processed accordingly

  • VM equipment stored neatly and safely

  • Paperwork and stationery stored neatly

  • Isam's stations being kept neat and organised

  • First aid kit fully stocked and accessible

Back of House processes

  • Evidence transfers that are older than 10 days have been investigated and followed up

  • Evidence negative SOH is either complete or under investigation

  • Spot check PayGlobal and verify if exceptions are being managed accordingly

Loss prevention

  • Damage Scanned and Load in System

  • Banking variances followed up

  • Pull cash drawer opening report and confirm if cash is being handed as per policy - e.g. Counted AM and PM, all cash stored in safe overnight and cash ups are being performed when the store is closed

  • Spot check if all items are security tagged - Check one random bay

  • Where applicable - Perform a test on security gates

  • Query staff members on how often they get their bags checked

  • Verify if Lay-bys are being managed accordingly

  • Refund report check

  • Discount report check

  • Staff purchase check

  • Weekly Banking report check


  • Observe if debrief is happening at the end of every shift

  • Notice board up to date

  • Emails accessed a minimum of 2x a day

  • Observe if briefing is happening at the beginning of every shift r

Training and development

  • Training requirements being identified and actions put in place

  • High duty shifts allocated based on performance

  • Catch ups

  • New starter's 1, 3 and 6 month review conducted

  • Action plan in place to develop team members - Managers career pathways

End of visit

  • One on one AM and SM feedback

  • Agreed objectives

  • Q&A

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