Standardized Work

  • .Record the PSCP # and revision page. Does it match and is it current?

  • Review Ipad in workcell and record PSCP # and revision page. Verify it matches.

  • Is the PSCP displayed on the Ipad correct? Does it match the part in the press?

  • Review parts at press and Ipad and make sure they match.

  • Review the operator pre-shift checklist. Is it being complete?

  • Review operator checklist on computer screen and verify it is complete.

  • Are the work instructions being followed? Does the operator follow the correct sequence of steps?

  • Review the PSCP on Ipad and watch operator work for a minimum of 3 cycles.

  • Ask operator to check a part. Is it being done correctly? Is there a calibration sticker on the check fixture? Verify calibration sticker is not overdue. Ensure measurement points are not broken.

  • Review how the operator is checking a part. Check calibration sticker on check fixture and verify the calibration sticker is not overdue. Check measurement points where the parts are being measured and make sure they are broken.

  • Review Quality Alerts and/ or Modifications on the computer screen. Is the operator signed off and is it being followed?

  • Has the operator been trained?

  • Review the training matrix on the production floor and check for operators name and date of certification. Ensure it is not past a year.


  • Is the operator wearing all their PPE and an operator tag?

  • Look at operator to review PPE and badge. Review earplugs, safety glasses, safety shoes, hair is up if long, gloves are worn if trimming and ID tag is visible.

  • Is the workcell clean?

  • Review workcell for food, personal belongings, excessive garbage, non conforming parts.

  • Is the ergo matting in place?

  • Review the ergo matting in the workcell. Ensure it is in place and safe.


  • Are the first offs current at the press?

  • Review side of the press for first offs. Review date of tag.

  • Are the process settings running to master? (If no master available, is a validation being complete?)

  • Ask process tech to verify process settings are running within master.

  • Are the SPC’s being done and recorded by technicians? Verify on SPC Form #4886.

  • Review Form #4886 on computer screen. Verify measurements are being recorded.

  • Is the hand apply present and identified with an ID #? Is the measurement in spec and being recorded on Form #4886? Does it measure within tolerance?

  • Review hand apply for ID# and Form #4886 to ensure it is being recorded and within tolerance.

  • Is the process master log being filled out properly when changes are made on Form #4800

  • Review process master log sheet and verify changes to masters are being logged and updated.

  • Is the part being checked by operator? Verify it is being done correctly. Is the part ok?

  • Watch operator check the part and compare to the PSCP.


  • CD539 Seat: Inspect and review alignment of metal wires on the rail. Inspect slots on the bottom of part prior to packing. Ensure there are no wide or distorted slot holes. Is the operator using the slot hand apply?Review part on the check fixture and push the whale tale clamp down. Check on the bottom of the part for cracking on skins surface in ejector areas.

  • Review headrest if running on the production floor. Ensure parts are not cracked or collapsed.

  • Review Ford service if running on production floor. Verify parts are being scanned. If not, is the by pass process being followed.

  • Review RAV4 Spare Wheel at press. Inspect top and bottom of part for misfill.

  • Review Chevy Bolt programs running on production floor. Is the operator putting labels on the parts?

  • Review Service Order on production floor. Do the parts inside match the parts? Is the cardboard being used in the wire baskets? Is the strapping secured properly on the pallet?

  • Other
  • If the oven is being used for collapsed parts or dimensional issues, is the oven procedure SW-EPP-4392 being followed? Is the operator at the press recording non conforming dimensions? Is the oven operator recording conforming dimensions?

  • Review if the dimensions for pre and post bake are being recorded.

  • Review the TPM schedule on computer monitor. Have the tasks been complete by operator, Mould change and process? If there is no check mark, ask why?

  • Review TPM schedule on computer monitor, are the tasks complete and are they being checked off?

  • Review Vision Camera Systems. Are the cameras on and being used?

  • Is the camera system functional on this press? If yes, is it on and working? Is the operator waiting and why? <br><br>If not, why is it not working?

  • Are the assembly fixtures tethered to the chains? (Review all assembly fixtures on production floor and verify they are tethered)

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