• Are all grounds fenced?

  • Are school grounds fenced?

  • Only the playground is fenced?

  • No fencing, but border definition exists.

  • Are all athletic fields fenced?

  • Are fences all properly maintained?

  • Explain border definition.

  • List height of any fencing:

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are gates secured by quality heavy-duty padlocks after hours?


  • Are exterior lights adequate?

  • Is there lighting at all building entrances?

  • Is there lighting at all potential intrusion sights?

  • Do athletic facilities have adequate lighting?

  • Are all lights mounted at twelve to fourteen feet in height?

  • Do exterior lights reduce shadowed areas near the school?

  • Do lights have break resistant glass?

  • Are light lenses cleaned annually?

  • Are lights checked monthly for inoperative fixtures/burned out bulbs and repaired?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Do sidewalks and curbing appear to be in good condition?

  • Are the school grounds kept free of trash and debris?

  • Are ladders and roof access means secured?

  • Are dumpsters and other equipment placed a minimum of 10 feet from the building?

  • Are exterior electrical, maintenance and mechanical rooms kept locked?

  • Are gasoline/diesel fuel storage areas free of any fertilizers or other oxidizing materials?

  • Are trash cans secured to posts or other anchors?

  • Are trash cans emptied at the end of each school day?

  • Is there a schedule in place for inspection and repair of locks, lockers, outbuildings, electrical plates, playground equipment and fire alarms?

  • Is all vandalism reported to local law enforecement?

  • Are school exterior walls free of graffiti?

  • Is all graffiti photographed, reported to local law enforcement and removed within 24 hours?

  • Is any pattern of vandalism, violence or other problem reported to school administration?

  • Is playground equipment connected with tamper resistant fastners?

  • Are soccer goals tethered while in use or secured by chains and locks?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are there exterior surveillance cameras?

  • Are there interior surveillance cameras?

  • Are the surveillance cameras monitored?

  • Are the surveillance cameras recording?

  • Who has the responsibility for viewing, changing the storage media and storage of recordings?

  • Are the surveillance cameras positioned to allow for optimal coverage?

  • Is there a policy pertaining to surveillance camera usage (when and why it is to be used) and the handling of recordings?

  • Are signs posted giving notice that surveillance cameras and recordings are in use or in periodic use to prevent liability issues arising from their presence?

  • Are surveillance cameras permanently affixed or mobile?

  • Is the room where the controls and DVRs are housed secured?

  • Is access to such room limited to authorized personnel?

  • Are DVRs password protected so only authorized personnel can record footage?

  • Where are the surveillance cameras located?

  • If Other, please list.

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Is there a security alarm system?

  • Is the security alarm system monitored?

  • Does the system have a power failure back-up?

  • Are security alarms tested at least once every six months?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are all shrubs trimmed to a maximum height of three feet?

  • Are all trees trimmed up to eight feet to the lowest branch?

  • Are all trees at least ten feet from any building?

  • Are prickly or thorn shrubs used to discourage pedestrian traffic in unsafe locations?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Is there signage designating the primary public access point?

  • Is there signage instructing all visitors that they must report to the office?

  • Are "Drug Free School Zone" signs posted?

  • Are "Gang Free School Zone" signs posted?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Do all exit doors provide direct and unobstructed access to a sidewalk?

  • Do all exterior doors "self close" and lock properly?

  • Are doors constructed of steel, aluminum alloy or solid core hardwood?

  • Are glass doors framed and made of tempered glass?

  • Are double doors secured with multiple point flush bolts?

  • Are exposed door hinges equipped with non-removable hinges?

  • Are door frames made of heavy metal?

  • Are all doors numbered with signs at least 3-4 inches in height for aid of first responders

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Is lexan, polycarbonate or other scratch proof, break-resistant coating used for windows?

  • Are all ground floor window locks functional?

  • Are all windows intact?

  • Are all basement windows secured with grating or well covers?

  • Are all windows numbered for aid of first responders?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Does the school have a key control policy in place?

  • Does the school conduct an annual inventory of keys?

  • Is one staff member assigned to key control?

  • Is this person identified by the position in the crisis management plan?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are natural climbing facilitators removed fro areas where they may provide access to walkway covers, lower roofs, awnings and/or ledges?

  • Are ladders secured to prevent access to walkway covers, lower roofs, awnings and/or ledges?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are modular classrooms locked when not in use?

  • Are portables locked at all times?

  • Are portable walkways, handrails and steps in good condition?

  • Are portable wooden steps and ramps adequately coated with non-slip surfacing paint?

  • Can the fire alarm be heard sufficiently from each portable classroom?

  • Do portables have two-way communication with the office?

  • Is there two-way communication between all classrooms, work stations and the office?

  • Is there a secondary means of communication at the school (e.g., bullhorns, handheld radios)?



  • Do driving lanes have directional markings?

  • Are fire lanes marked with approved fire lane signs, yellow curbing, and without any obstruction?

  • Do faculty and students park in the same lot?

  • Is there a designated parking area for students arriving and leaving at atypical times?

  • Are there signs designating the speed limit?

  • Are speed bumps/humps or other traffic calming devices used?

  • Are student drop off areas away from other high traffic areas?

  • Is visitor parking close to the main entrance?

  • Are parking lots clearly observable from the school?

  • Are parking lots monitored during the day?

  • Is parking controlled by a decal system?

  • Are assigned parking spaces specified by number instead of name/position?

  • Is student access to parking area restricted to times of arrival and dismissal?

  • Are surveillance cameras used to monitor parking lots

  • If yes, does the camera system allow for recording?

  • Are there designated bicycle parking areas?

  • Are bike racks monitored or observed by staff or security?

  • Are all areas accessible to patrol vehicles?

  • Is staff on duty in the morning and afternoon to monitor lots?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are bus loading areas clearly marked and restricted to other vehicles during use?

  • Is staff assigned to monitor bus areas?

  • Is staff assigned to all other areas during drop off and pick up of students?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Do vendors have scheduled time periods for delivery?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)



  • Are all exit signs and emergency lights functioning and properly mounted?

  • Are clear and precise emergency evacuation maps posted at critical locations?

  • Are these areas included in the school's scheduled maintenance plan

  • Does the plan address procedure

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Do all rooms, stairwells and halls have proper lighting?

  • Are these areas included in the school's scheduled maintenance plan?

  • Does the plan address procedures for reporting light outages?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are students issued school ID badges?

  • Are ID badges issued to full- and part-time faculty and staff?

  • Are students required to display the badge while on school property?

  • Are faculty and staff required to display the badge while on school property?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are computers containing students' personal information password protected when not in use?

  • Are hard files stored in locked file cabinets that are secured from access and common view?

  • Does the school have a policy addressing the information, use and security of student records?

  • Does the school have a policy addressing the secure disposal of student records?

  • Are personnel trained on these procedures?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Does the school inventory property annually?

  • Are all audio-visual equipment, computers and other valuable school property marked with an identifiable number?

  • Are personnel who receive property required to sign for it?

  • Are new items added to inventory within thirty (30) days of receipt?

  • Is someone identified who is responsible for adding new stuff to inventory and is it in policy?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • What type of two-way communication does the school use?

  • Are modular classrooms equipped with a means of two-way communication?

  • Are athletic facilities equipped with a means of two-way communication?

  • Are these systems checked regularly?

  • Is someone identified who is responsible for checking systems and is it in policy?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Is the entrance lobby visible from the main office?

  • Are all visitors required to enter through one designated entrance?

  • Are visitors notified by signage of the required sign-in and sign-out?

  • If there are multiple buildings on site, is there one main entrance per building?

  • Is the sex offender registry used to screen visitors?

  • Does staff check visitors by examining identification and checking data against the student's emergency data card?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are all hallways kept clear and free of slip, trip, and fall hazards?

  • Is a means of observation provided ( e.g., convex-mirrors, teachers) outside of classrooms during class change?

  • If yes, please describe the means provided.

  • Are unused lockers secured?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are knives, box cutters, etc., stored securely when not in use?

  • Is there a cash control policy in place?

  • Is the walk-in refrigerator equipped with a safety handle on the inside?

  • Is the kitchen equipped with an "ABC Class" extinguisher and a "K-Class" fire extinguisher for vegetable oil fires?

  • Can cafeteria doors be secured?

  • Is the cafeteria monitored during lunchtime by faculty, staff, volunteers, school resource officer or others?

  • If yes, who monitors the cafeteria?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are restrooms monitored by faculty and/or staff regularly throughout the school day?

  • Are restroom doors secured open and privacy panels installed at the entrance?

  • Are restrooms equipped with fixed ceiling panels?

  • Does bathroom door hardware prevent locking from inside?

  • Is graffiti photographed, reported to law enforcement and removed within 24 hours?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are door vision panels made of tempered glass?

  • Are door vision panels clear and unobstructed?

  • Are locks on the classroom doors adequate in a lockdown situation?

  • Do interior doors lock from the inside?

  • Do interior doors shut and lock properly?

  • Are all unoccupied rooms/areas secured?

  • Are chemicals properly stored in a designated, secure chemical storage area?

  • Are flammable and corrosive chemicals stored in appropriate containers and locations?

  • Is safety equipment (goggles, eyewash stations, showers, etc.) easily accessible in the science room?

  • Are lab fume hoods in good working order and vented directly to the outside?

  • Do kilns vent directly to the outside?

  • Are students' names listed on the outside of the classroom?

  • Are evacuation maps clearly posted with primary and secondary routes of egress?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are areas at high risk for theft/loss (e.g. music room, computer lab) equipped with high security locks and alarms?

  • Are areas at high risk for theft/loss intentionally not identified by signs designating their use and/or contents?

  • Are school files and records maintained in locked cabinets?

  • Are all medications double locked, and syringes secured in Sharps containers at all times?

  • Are reinforced poles used to protect gas and water mains from damage by vehicles?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are locker rooms monitored by faculty and/or staff?

  • If the facility provides open access to this portion of the school, is there a retractable gate securing the hallway leading to the remainder of the school?

  • Is a designated individual responsible for conducting a walk-through check and securing the facility after use by outside entities?

  • Is this procedure in policy?

  • Can the gym and auditorium be locked from the inside in the event it is necessary to go into lockdown when occupied?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Are all custodial closets and mechanical rooms kept locked?

  • Are mechanical, electrical and boiler rooms free of combustible storage?

  • Is the work space designated for all electrical equipment free of storage of any non-related materials?

  • Are restricted areas marked as such?

  • Are all electrical panels locked?

  • Have old or unused chemicals been properly disposed of rather than continuing to be stored in the custodial closet?

  • Are electrical panels easily accessed with at least three feet of space clear in front of the panel door?

  • Suggestions for Improvement(s)


  • Has your school reported any assaults, vandalism, or larcenies in the last school year?

  • If so, evaluate when and where the majority of assaults occur.

  • Where:

  • If Other, please list.

  • When:

  • If Other, please list.

  • Evaluate when and where the majority of vandalism occurs.

  • Where:

  • If Other, please list.

  • When:

  • Evaluate when and where the majority of larcenies occurs.

  • Where:

  • If Other, please list.

  • When:

  • Have steps been taken to address these patterns?

  • Explain.

  • Are CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) trained officers or planners consulted prior to any new construction or major remodeling projects?


  • How many people were interviewed in completing this inspection?

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