Dealership Facility Inspection

Facility - Exterior

  • Is the building exterior well-maintained?
    (Paint is not faded or peeling; no birds' nests; lights properly illuminate.)

  • Is brand signage clean and properly illuminated?
    (Toyota signage is not faded or outdated.)

  • Is the pavement and concrete well-maintained?
    (No potholes or gravel areas)

  • Are there adequate customer parking areas? Are they identified and easy to find?

  • Is landscaping well-maintained?
    (No overgrowth; clean and neat.)

  • Are all display and inventory lot vehicles "front line ready" and well-merchandised?
    (Vehicles have been PDI'd; other dealers' branding is removed from dealer trades.)

  • Are current promotional banners/materials displayed and visible? Have outdated materials been removed?

  • Are hours of operation posted on customer entrances to facility?

Facility - Service Reception and Consulting

  • Does the service drive have a service menu?

  • Does the service drive have a greeter?

  • Does the service drive have a tire display?

  • Does the service drive have all the current promotional banners?

  • Is service reception area well-maintained and uncluttered?
    (Service drive is free of old parts or clutter.)

  • Are ASM workstations clean, neat, and free of unneeded materials?
    (No food or non-essential items visible to customers.)

Facility - Customer Lounge/Waiting Area

  • Current magazines available to customers?

  • Does the customer WI-FI work?

  • Are the customer lounge and child play areas clean and well maintained?

  • Is there business/quiet area available?

  • Is television reception acceptable and are customers able to change channels?
    (Staff monitors programming for appropriateness.)

  • Are restrooms clean, properly stocked, and odor free?

Facility - Showroom and F&I Areas

  • Image USA II Timeline updated? (no Moving Forward)

  • Are current promotional materials on display? Have outdated materials been removed?

  • Are showroom areas and offices clean and organized?

  • Are furnishings, fixtures, and workstations clean and well-maintained?
    (Inviting, in good repair, no food.)

  • Does the dealership have an accessory display?

  • Is vehicle delivery area clean, functional, and engaging?
    (Well lit; appropriate signage; stocked with delivery support materials.)

  • Is only current model year vehicle information on display?

Facility - Retail Parts and Cashier Areas

  • Are interior signs provided and visible for customers to easily locate restrooms, cashier, and department locations?

  • Are brochures, promotional materials, and support materials current and readily available?

  • Are retail parts and accessories clean, effectively displayed, and priced?
    (Retail ready; re-stocked daily.)

Facility - Service Shop

  • Are walls, floors, and work surfaces well-maintained?
    (Floor is hazard-free; area is well-lit; paint is in good shape.)

  • Are technician workstations clean and free of inappropriate pictures/items?
    (Not offensive if seen by customers.)

Image II USA

  • Is the building Image II?

  • Does the dealership have an Image brand sign?

Misc comment

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