BS10125:2014+A1:2014 Internal Audit

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Internal Audit

3 Repair Process

  • Category of Repair being undertaken in accordance with Annex A.

  • Process Title:

  • Name and address of the repairer:

  • Date of repair commencment:

  • Date of repair completion:

  • Vehicle VIN Number:

  • Vehicle Registration:

  • Vehicle Make and Model:

  • Vehicle Mileage:

  • Details of the repair work carried out:

  • Name of Operatives:

  • Retention Period:

Authorised People

  • What specified damage repair process is being completed as identified in Annex A?

  • Is there a job description for each repair role?

  • Has the Technician completed an induction?

  • Is there a skills matrix/training plan for the Technician?

  • Does the Technician have the skills required to undertake the specified damage repair tasks at the competency level required to complete the specified damage repair process?

  • Evidence:

  • Does the ratio of competent persons to others (inclusive of apprentices) meet the 1 in 4 requirement?

Documented Repair Process Access

  • Are documented repair processes readily accessible?

  • Evidence:

  • Is there a documented process to avoid the occurrence of cross-contamination between vehicles and materials?

  • Evidence:

Equipment and Tools

  • What specified have been used for the repair process as identified in Annex A?

  • is the repair and measuring equipment calibrated or verified at specified intervals?

  • Are calibration or verification records available for the repair and measuring equipment?

  • Evidence:

  • Is the equipment required to complete repair maintained at planned intervals?

  • Evidence:

Replacement Parts and Controlled Consumables

  • Do replacement parts have marking and certification requirements and are auditable and verifiable to confirm that the parts are compliant?

  • What requirement do the replacement parts meet?

Receiving, Handling and Storage

  • Are replacement parts, displaced parts, and controlled consumables stored, handled and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?

  • Evidence:

  • Are vehicles restored to operation after repair in compliance with the manufacturer's specification?

  • Evidence:

  • Are replacement parts checked for conformity upon receipt?

  • Evidence:

  • Are replacement parts identifiable and traceable to the vehicle after repair?

  • Evidence:

Repair Quality Control

  • Is there a quality control procedure appropriate for validating the quality of each repair including, where relevant, final jig and wheel alignment measurements?

  • Evidence:

Use of Subcontractors

  • Is there an approved contractor process for vehicle repairs subcontracted by the repairer in<br>accordance with this British Standard and be subject to a specific agreement between the repairer and the subcontractor?

4. Repair Process Management

  • Are new or modified processes evaluated to verify repair process capability<br>and the changes documented?

  • Evidence:

Repair Process Continuity Plan

  • In the event of an emergency, can all repair processes currently in progress or otherwise outstanding can be completed in accordance with this British Standard whilst remaining under the original repairer’s direction and responsibility?

  • Evidence:

  • Is there a documented repair process control procedure capable of demonstrating that the requirements of this British Standard have been met for each repair undertaken including the completion of the repair quality control procedure?

  • Evidence:

Internal Audit and Corrective Action

  • Are internal audits of repair processes completed over the course of a 12 month period with each type of repair process audited at least once to check conformity to the requirements of this British Standard?


  • Are the causes and consequences of issues raised during the internal audit identified, and systematically examined, and the findings documented?

  • Evidence:

Corrective Action

  • Is there a corrective action that includes rectification of the particular occurrence identified and initiation of measures to prevent recurrence?

  • Evidence:

  • Are the effectiveness of corrective actions undertaken assessed by the repairer and outcomes documented?

  • Evidence:

Claims of Conformity

  • Are customers provided information on repair processes for which conformity to the British Standard is claimed?

  • Evidence:

Complaints Procedure

  • Is there a documented complaints procedure?

  • Evidence:


  • Assessor Name:

  • Assessor Signature:

  • Date:

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