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Food Safety Programme 3.2.1 (3 Amigos)

  • Do they have Standard Safety program?

  • Do they kept appropriate records on their Safety program?

  • Have you provided corrective actions for hazards that have been found not to be under control.

  • Can you provide evidence of adequate reviews by the Food business?

  • Is compliance records has been kept and action taken in relation to food safety program?

Food. Safety Program 3.2.2

Food Receipt

  • List supplier and address provided?

  • Is log book for recording food temperature (hot/cold) available for receiving goods?

  • Is physical check of goods being conducted, looking for correct levels and packaging is correct/not damaged.

  • Is the best before or use by date is being checked?

  • Is goods being stored in a timely manner and store in the correct areas such as fridge and freezer.


  • Is the food storage area comply to food safety plan and its free from contamination and environmental condition does not affect safety and suitability of the food.

  • Is potential hazardous food store under temperature control?

  • Is frozen food that intended to be frozen are being remain frozen and being stored correctly?

Food processing

  • Are all measures in place and being followed IOT prevent the likelihood of Food contamination?

  • Is 2 hours and 4 hours rules is being followed to minimise growth of infectious or toxigenic micro organism in the food?

Kitchen floor area

  • Benches are clean?

  • Floor kitchen clean and tidy?

  • Food bin container correctly labeled and clean?

  • Bench storage clean and tidy and use correctly for the purpose?

  • Range hood catchment free from oil spill?

  • Sanitiser readily available?

  • Detergent correctly label and fit for purpose.


  • Mixing machines and equipment clean, functionable, free from chip, food scraps?

  • Micro wave free from foodspoil?

  • Meat slicer free from food spoil?

  • Deep fryer not properly clean and free of foreign objects?

Cool room

  • Visible temperature display?

  • Overall cleanliness?

  • Food covered and labeled correctly?

  • Food correctly stacked?

  • Fridge temperature under 5 degrees?


  • Is there a temperature log for the freezer?

  • Is there a temperature display outside the freezer?

Food preparation

  • Bench areas are clean and tidy?

  • Are benches sanitised after use?

Food premises and equipment 3.2.3


  • Are lighting provide sufficient natural/artificial light for the activities on food premises?

Floors walls and ceiling

  • Is floors cleaned?

  • Is the floor free of grease, food particles or water?

  • Is the floor laid so there is no pounding water?

  • Is walls sealed to prevent the entry dirt, dust and pest?

  • Is walls and ceilings unable to absorb grease, food particles or water?

  • Is walls and ceilings able to be easily and effectively cleaned?

Fixtures, fittings and equipment

  • Fixtures, fiittings and equipment adequate for the production of safe and suitable food and fit for their intended use?

  • Is there likelihood that they will cause food contamination?

Hand washing facilities

  • Is hand washing facility readily available and utilised before and after handling food?

Storage facilities

  • Are food properly stored correctly?

  • Is the storage protected from the likelihood of contamination and environmental conditions?

Toilet facilities

  • Is adequate toilet available?

Food transport vehicles

  • Is the food transport designed and constructed to protect food if there is a likelihood of food being contaminated during transport?

  • Is the surfaces in parts of vehicles used to transport food is designed and constructed to effectively cleaned and sanitised?

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