Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Audit starting time

  • Prepared by

  • Zone conducted

  • Zone head and Sub zone head


  • Unneeded equipment, tools, furniture ,documents are present

  • Unneeded items on walls, bulletin boards etc.

  • Unneeded Inventory, Suppliers Parts or Material are present

  • Items are present in aisle ways, stairways, corners, Passages


  • Clearly defined place for materials / items

  • Clearly defined height & limits for all materials

  • Clearly defined type of containers/Bin

  • Clearly defined the quantities in the containers

  • Clearly defined Location for tools

  • Tools and gauges organized in their defined locations

  • Organized documents for workplaces

  • Personal belongings are neatly stored


  • Dirt, oil, grease on the equipment/machine

  • Dirt, oil, grease surrounding to the equipment/machine

  • Dirt, oil, grease on gangways

  • Availability of Dust bin

  • Waste Segregation

  • Lines, labels and signs are dirty, outdated or broken


  • Standards defined & followed (WIS,SOP,Rules etc)

  • Check sheets defined & Updated regularly

  • Defined documents & formats in each work unit are updated


  • 5S Owner display

  • Daily audit done by supervisor

  • 6SK audit practiced(once in month)

Common Area

  • Negative points for literring common areas (0 - 1)


  • Closing time of audit

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