• Is the structure of a generic type TG20:compliant scaffold?

  • Does the structure require a design or engineers guidance ?

  • Evidence of design or engineers guidance


  • Are all baseplates and sole boards present ?

  • Are all baseplates on a solid and even surface ?

  • Are the standards protected with foam

  • Is there a fan installed over door ways

  • Signage in place


  • Are the ledger and standard joints staggered between lifts ?

  • Are the transoms correctly spaced ? Structural transoms installed at every ledger brace


  • Do any lifts appear overloaded or restricted access ?

  • Are scaffold boards free from defects ?

  • Are boards under 2.4m secure ?


  • Are all facade bracings correct ?

  • Are all ledger bracings correct ?

  • Are all plan bracings correct ?


  • Are all handrails present min 950mm and gaps not exceeding 470mm ?

  • Is boiler flue protected with handrails secured and at least 950mm ?

  • Are all toe boards in place, correctly fitted and at least 150mm high ?


  • Dose the ladder to first lift have a guard chain and padlock ?

  • Are all ladders free from defects and fitted correctly ?

  • Is the mid rail installed to ladder points ?

  • Are Ladder gates / hatches fitted to evert access point ?


  • Have ties been tested and recorded ?

  • Are ties fixed and correctly attached ?

  • Are there a sufficient amount of ties installed ?


  • Is the beam section erected to TG20 or Design

  • What dose not comply to TG20 or design?


  • Does the scaffold require debris net or plastic weather clad or brick guards ?

  • Is all debris net or weather clad fixed and secured in place correctly ?


  • Wheel number
    Is the Wheel and rope free from defects ?.


  • House keeping
    Is scaffold and working area tidy / free from materials

  • Access to scaffold at rear of property?

  • Scaff tag

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