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7 Wastes Checklist


  • Is the plant layout efficient?

  • Are batch sizes manageable?

  • Are storage areas accessible?


  • Are shipments from suppliers reliable?

  • Are work-in-progress goods regularly checked for quality control?

  • Are finished products properly packed and stored?


  • Is the workstation layout efficient?

  • Is there good workplace organization?

  • Are machine parts moving as designed?

  • Is the 5S consistently applied?


  • Is the workload balanced?

  • Are there no equipment breakdowns?

  • Are setup times short?

  • Is material handling based on best practices?

  • Are decisions, authorizations, or information communicated immediately?

  • Are customer emails, chats, or phone calls answered immediately?


  • Is the production schedule on time?

  • Is the production schedule according to what is needed?

  • Is the manufacturing process performing as designed?


  • Are the perceived customer needs accommodated?

  • Are there no redundant approvals or reworks?


  • Are process controls sufficient?

  • Are incoming materials of high quality?

  • Is operator training adequate?

  • Are work instructions clearly defined?


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  • Name & Signature of Manufacturing Personnel

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