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  • Ship:

  • Flight Commander:

  • Flight Senior Maintenance Sailor:

  • Commenced:

  • Completed:

  • Prepared by:

2.1 Flying Management System

2.1.1 Appointment of Key Staff

  • Flight Commander:

  • Authorising Officers:

  • Aircraft Captains:

  • Mission Commanders:

  • Letters of Delegation provided from Ship's CO for Mission Commanders?

  • Is there a Secondary Duty list?

  • Are there duty statements for each of the Secondary Duties? (Are these variations on the ones found in 816 Sqn SSO’s?)

2.1.2 Management of the SOI

  • Are all Missions conducted IAW the SOI and BWB?

  • Deviations from the SOI required for extenuating or wartime operations must be managed in accordance with OAREG 2.2—Operations. Details:

2.1.3 Aircrew Competency System

  • Are aircrew qualifications and competencies clearly recorded?

  • Is the currency tracking tool effective/useful? What local procedures are in place to compensate for any shortcomings in the currency tracker available?

  • Is shore-based training available and conducted?

  • Any problems maintaining hours currency? Pilots/TACCO/SENSO?

  • Any problems maintaining events currency? Pilots/TACCOS/SENSO?

  • Comments:

2.1.4 Flight Authorisation

  • Are all authorising officers’ delegations clearly articulated?

  • Does the FOB and the Op Order clearly define the level and scope of each Autho’s authority?

  • Do authorising officers attend flight briefings?

  • Are all flights authorised IAW ABR 5150 Chapter 6?

  • Comments:

2.1.5 Aviation Risk Management

  • Are there MRPs for all mission profiles?

  • Has the Flight developed any local MRP’s to cover specific missions? (Review these MRP’s if req’d)

  • When were these local MRP’s last reviewed?

  • Is the AVRM process applied to all flying and flight operations IAW ABR 5150?

  • Are the appropriate MRP’s annotated in the Authorisation process? (check)

  • How does the AVRM process integrate with the ship’s Risk Management Plan? ie Who accepts risk from the ship? CO / PWO?

  • Is the SRP for flying ops reviewed at the brief?

2.1.6 Flying Safety Management

  • Is there an appropriately qualified FSO on the FLT? Is there a plan for a replacement, once incumbent posts out?

  • Is a member of the Flight on the Ship’s Safety Committee?

  • Has the Flight conducted a Safety Attitudes Survey?

  • Is safety related training reported via eMFMR?

  • Are Aviation Safety posters displayed for Ship's company to see?

  • Comments:

  • Carry out FASO DASM Accountabilities checklist:

2.1.7 Management of OIP

  • Are the Flight in receipt of adequate international publications?

  • Does the Flight receive amendments to international publications?

  • Do Flight have necessary access to ABR 5150, 5419, Flying Guide, TACMAN, FOB?

  • Does the Flight utilise the monthly 816 Sqn signal to validate the status of all OIP?

  • Are Flight personnel aware of the AO11 process? Do they utilise it? Do they keep an AO11 register? Do they have any outstanding AO11's in process?

  • Conduct spot check of Flight OIP.

  • Findings:

2.2 Operations

2.2.1 Flying Rules for Special Missions and Tasks

  • Is Airborne Emergency Training conducted?

  • Restrictions at sea? Does this compromise ability to fulfil currency requirements? How is this managed?

  • Any there standard arrangements for Aero Medical Evacuation and do they comply with regulations?

  • Search and Rescue: Any operating limitations based on SAR asset availability/capability?

  • Are operations conducted IAW UNCLOS and are the Flight aware of how to obtain DIPCLEAR?

  • Details of any issues:

2.2.2 Aircraft Crewing

  • What is the standard crew composition?

  • Is the Flight make-up appropriate for mission?

  • Are there set crews or is the compilation mixed up?

  • Comments:

2.2.3 Aircraft Captaincy

  • Do Flight pilots comply with captaincy requirements of ABR 5150 Chapter 7?

  • Do flight briefs comply with ABR 5150 Chap 7.9? If possible observe a flight briefing.

2.2.4 Cargo

  • Are all aircrew current in the appropriate DG Aware or in DG Pack & Accept?

2.2.5 Aircraft loading

  • Who calculates the aircraft CofG?

  • Is W&B data readily available and calculated correctly for each flight?

  • Does the aircraft captain review CofG prior to each flight?

2.2.8 Carriage and Use of Electronic Equipment

  • Do aircrew use Personal Electronic Devices in the aircraft?

  • Are the PEDs carried IAW ABR 5150?

  • Have any modifications been made to Defence equipment in order to use or carry the PEDs?

2.2.9 Carriage of Passengers in Defence Aircrew Crew Stations

  • Are there any circumstances passengers are carried in crew stations?

  • Is this compliant with ABR 5150 Ch 12, paras 12.12 - 12.13?

2.2.10 Carriage of Passengers In Dedicated Passenger Seats

  • Is the carriage of passengers compliant IAW ABR 5150 Chapter 12?

2.2.11 Contingency Loading

  • Are there any circumstances where contingency loading has been required?

  • Details? What guidance or instruction available?

2.2.12 Use of Aircraft Role Equipment

Aerial Delivery of Cargo

  • Are ADE holdings appropriate?

  • Is sufficient and appropriate stowage space available for ADE?

  • Check ADE servicing status:

  • Is all U/S and out of date ADE appropriately tagged and quarantined?

Carriage and Employment of Stores

  • Are both SENSOs in date for Mag 58 and .50 Cal TOETs and currency shoot?

  • Do aircrew have appropriate knowledge of and use the EW and CMDS suite effectively?

  • How are expired CMDS stores managed/handled?

2.2.13 Use of Flying Clothing and Aeronautical Life Support Equipment

  • Are there any points of concern with issued Flying Clothing, pistol holsters, BPVs, or any other Survival Equipment?

  • Is ALSE used IAW regulations?

  • Do personnel use any non-issued equipment in the conduct of their duties?

2.2.14 Deviation from Authorised Roles

  • Has the Flight had to deviate from any authorised roles or equipment under extenuating operational circumstances?

2.2.15 Operational Clearance

  • Do Aircraft Captains and AuthOs understand the 'Operationally Essential' caveat?

2.3 Qualifications and Training

2.3.1-2.3.2 Pilot and Non-Pilot Qualifications

  • Was pre-deployment training adequate (including DMT)?

  • Are there any general deficiencies with Aircrew's qualifications or training that effect operations?

  • Is there progression of Aircrew Competency Journal/Flight Commander Self Paced Learning Journal? (Reviewed regularly by FLYCO?)

  • Are any waivers current for Flight Aircrew?

  • Comments:

2.3.3 Qualifications for Specific Roles or Duties

  • Is the qualifications and training progress for specific roles (ie. LSO, FDM, ASO, etc) sufficient?

2.3.5 Aviation Medicine and Medical Fitness for Flight

  • Are all unit Aircrew current in AVMED training and hold a currrent Aircrew Medical?

  • Are TMUFF regulations correctly applied IAW ABR 5150 Chapter 13?

2.3.6 Crew Resource Management Training

  • Are all Flight aircrew current or have appropriate waivers in CRM?

  • Have any mission specific MRPs or RMPs been developed?

  • Has this been developed IAW guidance in ABR 5150 Ch 9 and 816 SQN Flying Order Book Vol 1 Ch 9?

2.3.7 Aviation Safety Training

  • Is there a Safety training program?

  • How often do Flight personnel receive safety training?

  • When was the last Flight Safety Standdown?

  • Is aviation safety included in the Ship's safety program?

  • When was aviation safety last included in a Ship's safety day?

  • How is the MASO involved in regular safety training for maintenance personnel?

  • Is the Flight maintaining AFTP 4 Crash on Deck and Ditched Helo training requirements?

2.3.8 Aviation Risk Management Training

  • Are all Flight aircrew current or have appropriate waivers in AVRM training?

  • Is any AVRM refresher training carried out?

2.3.9 Role Specific Training

  • Is the Fleet provided work up program appropriate for mission? Comments?

  • Was squadron pre-deployment training appropriate for mission?

  • Any recommended changes? Have these lessons learnt been captured and fed back to the squadron?

  • Is training reported via eMFMR?

  • Is a ground training officer appointed?

  • Is there a Ground Training Program?

  • Is there a record of training carried out?

2.3.10 Aircrew and ASS Operator Logbooks

  • Does the Flight Commander periodically review PEX and Logbooks (as required) appropriately?

  • Does the CO review logbooks and PEX periodically as part of CO's Books?

  • If aircrew maintain logbooks and are they maintained IAW ABR 5150?

  • Does the Flight Commander review HCO and FDM logbooks monthly?


Miscellaneous Operational Aspects


  • Is the level of visibility and input into Operational Planning adequate?

  • Does the Flight get visibility of other air operations/activity?

  • Does the Flight have control over Rate of Effort?

  • Is post flight reporting carried out?

  • Comments:


  • Are weapons (9mm, Mag 58, M3M, F88) and attractive items (BPVs, holsters, NVG) correctly accounted for?

  • Is classified and sensitive material handled and stored correctly?

  • Does ship's Bridge File contain OUTHOUSE procedures IAW ABR 5149 Vol 1 Para 2.33 and correct Aircraft Readiness and Alert States IAW ABR 5419 Vol 1 Ch 5 Annex B?

  • Are aircraft launch and recovery processes IAW ABR 5419?

Fatigue Management

  • What is the standard duty period and AL30 window for planned operations?

  • Is night cycle adaptation used?

  • Do the Flight adhere to 0100-0500 duty limits?

  • Who completes the CDRP for Aircrew?

  • Is accommodation plan appropriate?

  • How are alongside duties and the management of fatigue and availability managed upon sailing?

  • Overall - Fatigue Management is...


  • Are Divisional records up to date?

  • Does the Flight conduct monthly Divisional Meetings?

  • Are there any personnel issues?

  • Comments:

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