• Is proper approach provided?

  • Is approch clean?

  • Is the approch safe?


  • All columns are numbered uniformly

  • Passage /gang ways clearly marked as unobstructed

  • Floor cleanliness and upkeep

  • Weather the floors, passages and stairs are free from oil, grease, water etc?

  • Whether the area available for working is sufficient and clear from any hazard point of view?

  • Water seapage and leakage

Material identification and storage

  • Is unwanted material removed?

  • Material identification displayed correctly

  • Are the display board free of dust and strain?

  • Is everything kept in its place?

  • Is material segregated and stored?

  • Is the stacking neat and stable?

  • Is the storage in cupboard and shelves neat and tidy?

  • Tools and trackles kept in order and approachable?

  • Whether the storage of flammable explosive and toxic substance identified properly?

Disposal clearance system and cleanliness

  • Is Disposal system available?

  • Is scrap/use me bins provided?

  • Is scrap /garbage removal regular?

  • Are separated bins for steel scrap, stores returnable and garbage provided?

  • Is bins location demarcated and numbered?

  • Is material in the bins kept for which it is meant?

  • Are drains provided and covered?

Color coading/standard /visual control

  • Is standard color coading followed?

  • Knowledge of color coading displayed

  • Are visual control applied?

  • Wheather cautious have been provided wherever required in clear and legible way?

  • Are MSDS of necessary chemicals available and understood by users?

  • Whether there is uniform color code applied for pipelines, machines structures, plant etc and are they identified with proper boards?

  • Whether safety posters, banners are displayed at prominent locations?

  • Whether the safety policy is displayed at the prominent location and it is known to all?


  • All panels identified and maintained in good condition.

  • Rubber mats provided in good condition.

  • No obstructions in front of panel switch boards.

Mechanical / civil

  • Are coupling guards provided?

  • Is there any oil leakage?

  • Are structure painted?

  • Are oil drums removed regularly?

  • Whether there is regular check of hand tools done by supervisor?

Safety / 5s / opl training

  • Whether the safety training program is planned for all employees

  • Whether safety training programs are conducted as per plan for all employees?

PPEs/ Work permit /Fire system /First aid

  • Whether proper PPEs are being used as per the standard and at the required places?

  • Is first aid box maintained as per requirement?

  • Whether the fire fighting equipments available and checked as per statute?

  • Whether suitable and means of fire escape routes and exits provided?

Office and pantry

  • Cleanliness maintained

  • Documents kept in order i. e all files marked with identification.

  • Statutory /non statutory files kept separately.

  • Fire extinguisher maintained.

  • Use of LPG restricted in pantry.

  • Pantry kept in hygiene condition.

  • Auditors signature

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