• Are Emergency Exits/Aisles clear and free from obstructions?

  • Are walking/working aisles clear and free from obstructions?

  • Are desks/ supervisors work space neat/orderly?

  • Is material in use or to be used kept in a safe manner?

  • Are the floors clear of all trip hazards?

  • Are fire extinguishers clear and accessible?

  • Have all extinguishers in the area been in inspected in the last month?

  • Do all door carts have front guard installed?

  • Are all door carts using the front guard?


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all employees wearing proper safety glasses?

  • Are employees handling sheet metal wearing gloves?

  • Any additional PPE required? (Chemical gloves, electrical rubber gloves, leather gloves, face shield, FR smock?)



  • Are all outlets, power drops & cords in good working condition? (No holes or openings greater than 1/8", no cracking, no insulation exposure)

  • Are there extension cords in use greater that 24 consecutive hours?

  • Are there power strips close to being overloaded.

  • Are there power strips daisy chained together?

  • Are fans in good working condition? Blade cage has no opening greater 1/2"?
    Power cords have ground plugs?
    Power cords are un-nicked and un-frayed?

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

  • Are hand tools in use in good working condition?

  • Were hand tools inspected prior to use?

  • Was it the right tool for the job?

  • Are powered hand tools in good working condition? Cords/hoses free from nicks, cuts and I frayed?

General Safety

General Safety

  • Do two associates know where the AED is located?

  • Do two associates know where the SDS binder is located?

  • Do two associates know who the nearest first responder is? If no, do they know where the list can be found?

  • Do two associates know what to do if they are cut an bleeding? (Stay in place and call for help. No blood trails.)

  • How many near misses reported last month?

  • How many near misses reported current month?

  • Has cell/ area been without a recordable injury?

Overall Assessment

Overall Assessment

  • Cell Lead Signature

  • Supervisor Signature

  • Auditor Signature

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