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  • Name of Person/s conducting Inspection

  • HSE Officer conducting this inspection should use the below checklist as a guide during your walkabout inspection. Ensure that you mark items as follows:
    ✔ - Acceptable
    ✖ - Not Acceptable
    N/A - Not Applicable

Health And Safety Management

  • 1 Risk Assessments Available at the workplace

  • 2 Method Statements (If Applicable)

  • 3 COSHH Register and MSDS available

  • 4 Pre Works Check list completed

  • 5 Fire Emergency Plan

  • 6 Appointed Persons Register

Storage / Housekeeping

  • 7 Work areas free from rubbish and obstructions

  • 8 Work areas free from slip/trip hazards

  • 9 Materials stored safely and securely

  • 10 Safe means of access for high shelves /racks

  • 11 Material stored in racks/bins

  • 12 Racks free of rubbish and waste material

Electrical Equipment /Works

  • 13 Plugs, sockets, switches not damaged

  • 14 Cables and leads not frayed, cut or defective

  • 15 Portable electrical equipment PAT tested

  • 16 Electrical tools in good condition not damaged

  • 17 Cables and leads clear of access ways

  • 18 Permit to work system for electrical works

Manual Handling Activities

  • 19 Manual handling training conducted for staff.

  • 20 Risk assessment for manual handling

  • 21 lifting equipment provided i.e., trolleys, lifts etc.

HSE Training & Consultation

  • 22 Weekly Toolbox talks completed

  • 23 Staff inducted, and trained on work activities

  • 24 Safety meetings held with staff and contractors

  • 25 Staff inducted, and trained on work activities

  • 26 Safety meetings held with staff and contractors

Fire Safety

  • 27 Extinguishers checked monthly

  • 28 Firefighting equipment serviced

  • 29 Fire Evacuation Muster Points identified

  • 30 Fire Exit doors unobstructed and access clear

  • 31 Emergency Signage in building to standard

  • 32 Fire Wardens trained and appointed

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • 33 Correct PPE available and used at place of work

  • 34 PPE in good condition and usable

  • 35 Staff trained in use of PPE

  • 36 Storage and cleaning facilities for PPE

  • 37 PPE issued to staff and recorded

COSHH / Chemical Material Store

  • 38 MSDs readily available

  • 39 Adequate ventilation/exhaust systems

  • 40 Waste disposal procedures

  • 41 PPE available and used

  • 42 Firefighting equipment available

  • 43 Containers stored and labeled correctly

  • 44 First aid equipment i.e. First aid kit

Mechanical Plant and Equipment

  • 45 Operators trained / licensed to operate

  • 46 Serviced to manufactures service specification

  • 47 Machine guards fitted where required

  • 48 Warning lights fitted on mobile plant

  • 49 Fire extinguishers available at place of work

  • 50 Environmental Spill kits available, staff trained

First Aid Arrangement

  • 51 First Kit available and checked monthly

  • 52 First Aiders appointed and details posted


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