Information/Initial Inspection

  • Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • AA Recycling - Phone: 9728 3855 Fax: 9728 3297 Email:

  • Address of Vehicle
  • Conducted By:

  • Was this ABV reported by Police?

  • Officers Name:Aditya Moond

  • Station

Vehicle Details

  • Photo/s of vehicle

  • Has the vehicle got plates?

  • Registration

  • State

  • Is there a registration label?

  • Registration

  • State

  • Expiry

  • Make

  • Model

  • Type

  • Colour

  • VIN

  • Stolen vehicle check completed by

  • Police Officer spoken to:

  • Station

  • Date of VRE check

Initial Inspection

  • Initial Inspection

  • ABV Sticker Attached?

  • Photo of ABV Sticker

Vehicle Condition

  • Are the windows intact?

  • Why not?

  • Photos

  • Is the windscreen intact?

  • Photos

  • Is the vehicle open?

  • Can you observe anything inside the vehicle?

  • Photos

  • Have you observed any other damage?

  • Photos

Second Audit


  • Reinspection Date and Time

  • Is the vehicle still present?

  • Photo/s of vehicle

  • Is ABV sticker still on windscreen?

  • Photo

  • Is the vehicle in the same condition as previously sighted?

  • What has changed?

  • Photo/s of change/s

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