Opening and Closing Duties

Inspection and logging of equipment - Harnesses

  • Check straps (waist belt, leg loops, shoulder?)

  • Check the serial number for product lifetime

  • Check stitching on both sides (loose threads/worncut)

  • Check belay loops (cut/swelling/damage/wear and tear)

  • Check tie in points (cuts/swelling/damage/wear and tear)

  • Check buckles (marks/cracks/wear and tear)

  • Check straps are threaded through buckles correctly

  • Check the buckles are operating properly

  • Check padding (leg/waist)

  • Check elastic keepers (cuts/wear and tear)

  • Check gear loops (cuts/wear and tear) v


  • Old rope throw away or new rope started

  • Cuts in sheath

  • Core shot

  • Fuzzy

  • Sheath slippage

  • Core flat spots

Climbing Mats

  • Gaps in padding

  • Flat spots vi

  • Wear and Tear Beyond Repair?

Belay Devices

  • Check the condition of the frame

  • Check the condition of the handle

  • Check moving side plate

  • Check condition of selector knob (Gigri +)

  • Check serial number for product lifetime

  • Function test e. Carabiners


  • Check for cracks/sharp edges vi

  • Wear and tear caused from rope

  • Bent or missing rivets?

  • Check gate opens/closes properly

  • Metal burns?

  • Check locking mechanism is working properly f. Auto belay

  • Use manual provided by manufacturer i

  • 2. Open Mat

  • 3. Untie ropes

  • 4. Put up signage

Closing Duties

  • 1. Remove Signage

  • 2. Tie up ropes

  • 3. Vacuum mat?

  • 4. Close mat

  • 5. Spray rental shoes

  • 6. Check inventory

Check inventory

  • Harnesses (25)

  • Pairs of shoes (12)

  • Belay devices (10)

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