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Data Collection & Analysis Phase

List Privileged Accounts

  • Compile a list of all privileged accounts, both human and non-human (e.g., service accounts).

  • What was the issues?

  • Upload List of Privileged Accounts in ControlMap

  • Upload List of Privileged Accounts in ControlMap

Current Permission Sets

  • Identify the scope and depth of each privileged user's access rights.

  • What was the issues?

Credential Management

  • Review how credentials for these accounts are stored, managed, and rotated.

  • What was the issues?

Need for Privilege

  • Confirm if the current level of privilege is necessary for the assigned roles.

  • Why not?

Inactive Accounts

  • Identify any privileged accounts that are dormant but still have high-level access.

  • What inactive accounts still had access?

Separation of Duties

  • Confirm that duties and access are appropriately separated to prevent conflicts of interest or fraud.

  • What were the issues and what was done about it?

Review & Remediation Phase

Technical Validation

  • Have IT security validate the appropriateness of the access levels.

  • Were any issues found?

  • What was found?

Business Validation

  • Get sign-off from senior managers or business owners for the current level of privileged access.


  • Remove unnecessary privileged accounts or downgrade to lower access levels.

  • Why?

  • What account was De-Provision?

Adjust Permissions

  • Correct over-permissions or under-permissions based on the review findings.

  • What permissions were adjusted?

  • Why

User Training

  • Re-train users who will continue to have privileged access about the responsibilities and risks involved.

  • Why not needed?

  • What users were Re-train?

Credential Updates

  • Update or rotate credentials for remaining privileged accounts.

  • Why were not credentials updated?

  • What credentials were updated?

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