• Document No.

  • Audit Title (initials of injured associate-mm-dd-yy)

  • Date and Time of Incident

  • Accident Incident Investigation Form Prepared by (full name, employee ID, position)

  • Date and Time Accident Incident Investigation Form was initiated

  • Area / Location of Accident

PERSONAL INFORMATION (injured employee)

  • Employees full name

  • Date of birth

  • Enter date and time of injury or accident

  • Take picture of 1.) Incident Report. 2.) Page 1 FDC Incident/ Investigation Report

Manager / Safety Team Investigation

  • Employment Category

  • Length of employment

  • Time in occupation at time of incident

  • Type of operation

  • Was this operation a regular part of employees job?

  • Time associate reported to work on date of incident?

  • Type of injury

  • Does equipment have lockable disconnect?

  • Name and title of person who assigned task/job


  • How long since a supervisor was in area of incident and who?

  • We're there any witnesses to the incident? What are the witnesses names?

Accident Sequence - describe in reverse order the occurrence of events preceding the injury

  • Injury Event / Accident Event

  • Describe the preceding events that led up to the injury or accident

  • Preceding Events
  • Was PPE required for this task?

  • What PPE was required and in use at time of incident

  • Provided?

  • Trained on proper use?

  • Proper use of PPE?

  • PPE use enforced by manager and supervisor?

  • Was equipment adequately guarded? If no describe deficiency

  • Has employee received training prior to job assignment?

  • Who performed training?

  • What was the duration of the training?

  • Was training adequate?

  • Was lockout necessary?

  • Was employee trained?

  • Was training adequate?

  • Was lock provided?

  • Was written procedure required?

  • Was procedure provided to follow?


  • Where were you at the time of the incident?

  • What time did the incident occur?

  • What were you doing at the time of the incident

  • What injury resulted from the incident?

  • Was there any ergonomic (strain/sprain) from the incident?

  • We're any Pre-existing conditions with the injury area?

  • Did you have to

  • If moving a object what was the estimated weight?

  • Did you ask for help with lifting?

  • Demonstrate how the task was performed

  • Could you have done anything different to prevent the injury?

  • Was there a laceration incident

  • What type of equipment or tool was used?

  • We're there any know issues with the equipment/tool not functioning properly?

  • Demonstrate how the task was performed

  • Could you have done anything different to prevent the injury?

  • Was there a trauma incident?

  • Did a trip, slip, bump, falling object cause the incident?

  • Was a ladder involved?

  • What type?

  • Where were your feet placed on the ladder?

  • Was the ladder inspected as part of the Fall Protection Program?

  • We're there any safety restraints in place?

  • Demonstrate how the task was performed

  • How could this incident been prevented?

  • How often do you perform this task?

  • Are there any specific PPE requirements for the task and were they used?

  • Was training provided for this task?

  • Were any safety mechanisms by-passed?

  • After your involvement with this incident, is there any insight you could share or preventative actions you would recommend?


  • Enter conclusions


  • Enter all correct preventative actions that will be implemented


  • Take pictures of injury/accident including body part(s), location, equipment, tools, etc.

  • Add drawing


  • Name / Signature of Employee (required)

  • Name / Signature of Supervisor / Lead

  • Name / Signature of Department Manager (required)

  • Name / Signature of Safety Team Lead (required)

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