• Work description

  • Take a photo of the project

  • Employee Name & Position

  • Employee Name & Position

  • Employee Name & Position

  • Employee Name & Position

  • Vehicles on site

  • Type of Roadway

  • Posted Speed Limit

  • Weather/Light Conditions

  • Traffic Conditions

  • Traffic Control Plan Selected For Work



  • Is there an appropriate number of signs placed?

  • Are all signs in good condition (clean, legible, and reflective)?

  • Do all sign placements (height, visibility, and spacing) conform to TCP?


  • Are all barricades in good condition?

  • Are all safety cones in good condition with reflective sleeve?

  • Are all warning lights in good condition?

  • Do all safety cones have adequate taper length?

  • Are the safety cones placed appropriately?


  • Is there pedestrian & cyclist activity which needs to be managed?

  • Is there adequate staff to manage pedestrian & cyclists effectively?

  • Are all pedestrian & cyclist warnings easy to understand?

  • Is the enough pedestrian & cyclist control in place?


  • Are traffic controllers qualified with up to date certificates?

  • Take a photo of the operators qualification card.

  • Are the traffic controllers preceded by advance warning signs?

  • Are the traffic controllers clearly visible to approaching traffic?

  • Are the traffic controller illuminated? (Night time)

  • Are the stop/slow bats in good condition?

  • Are portable radios being used if required?

  • Do all traffic controllers wear high visibility clothing?

  • Are traffic controllers communicating effectively?


  • Are all barriers/bollards in good condition?

  • Are all barrier/bollard delineation lights in good condition, if appropriate for the site?

  • Are all barrier/bollard delineation reflectors in good condition?

  • Is there an adequate 'drop zone' delineation?

  • Is there an adequate clear zone for workers?


  • Are all site personnel trained on the specific Internal Traffic Control Plan?

  • Are there parking areas designated for workers and visitors?

  • Are the areas around specific pieces of equipment and operations delineated?

  • Is there an adequate lighting provided for night operations?

  • Is there a designated channel of communication regarding changes to the TCP?

  • Is there an established communication between workers on foot and equipment operators?

  • Is there an established communication between equipment operators?


  • Overall assessment of the TCP set up.

  • What corrections were made?

  • What corrections were made? (Submit Incident report)

  • Overall recommendations

  • Name and signature of inspector.

  • Name and signature of team leader on site.

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