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  • Name of Auditee

  • Auditee Designation

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  • Monitor By

  • Designation

  • Office and Control Number

  • Conducted On

  • Prepared By

Surveys / Inspection undertaken

  • Surveys / Inspection undertaken

  • Note: Please document previous codes monitored at last years Activity on line one below. Current year should reflect alternative codes to previous year.

    Appropriate evidence must be collected and included within or annexed to this report.

    Note the person carrying out the activity monitor shall hold the relevant experience in the area being audited.

  • Activity Monitoring
  • Year of Audit

  • Field of Activity

  • Product Code

  • Additional Items Reviewed i.e. notebooks

  • Previous findings:<br>(The previous Activity Monitoring Report has been reviewed and all outstanding actions closed out)

  • If No, please identify actions below



  • Is the Surveyor fully aware of the Clients requirements, including latest applicable amendments, requirements for statutory surveys and the requirements of national authorities? (All as applicable)

  • Is the individual's performance and competency considered satisfactory for the work undertaken?

  • Is there a Request for Service or equivalent available?

  • Is the Surveyor / Inspector fully conversant with all the specified requirements for work i.e. technical notices, guidance documents, and contractual requirements etc.?

  • Is the individual authorised for work?

  • Does the Surveyor have necessary PPE?

  • Is the individual's personal conduct on client premises satisfactory?<br><br>If No identify this in the findings section of this report.

  • Is the individual's relationship with the client satisfactory?<br><br>If No identify this in the findings section of this report.

  • If the individual's overall performance and competency considered satisfactory for the work undertaken?

  • Is there any evidence that previous training has benefitted the individual's performances? <br><br>If Yes, in what way (give example(s) of the benefits)

  • Example(s) of benefit, if applicable

  • Have any new or additional training needs been identified?<br><br>If Yes, in what way (give example(s) of the benefits)

  • Example(s) of benefit, if applicable

  • Is the surveyor aware of his / her job description in the Role Profile and is it applicable to his role today?<br><br>If No identify this in the findings section of this report.

The Service Delivery

The Service Delivery

  • Are welding procedures, specifications together with their supporting procedure qualification records verified by the Surveyor / Inspector? Are qualified welder being used?

  • Is the storage and distribution of welding consumables satisfactorily monitored?

  • Have NDE procedures used by the manufacturer / Repairer been reviewed by the surveyor / inspector?

  • Have these been satisfactorily demonstrated by the manufacturer / repairer?

  • Are all measuring instruments used by the manufacturer / repairer / client, calibrated?

  • Has this been verified?

  • If No, what corrective action has been taken?

  • Has this been recorded (e.g on a pro forma, job control record, visit report, certificate or any other document) and placed on file.

  • Has a control number been raised with correct parameters?

  • Are reporting documents issued satisfactory, e.g. checklists, progress reports, job control records etc.

Record of References Record below all references through the process of the activity monitoring i.e. equipment identification, serial numbers, document references, materials, codes / specifications used etc.

  • Record of References

  • Reference
  • Reference

Comments on Sample Inspections Witnessed

  • Found to be in order

  • Found not to be in order - Recommendations made and suitable corrective action shown in findings section

  • No recommendations made

Qualifications and Authorisations

Qualifications and Authorisations

Documents Reviewed

  • I hereby confirm I have conducted a review of the following requirements, notations made where applicable and the relevant documents endorsed and issued along with this report.

Reviewed and Evidence Attached

  • Group OSH Checklist

  • Group OSH Checklist

  • Surveyors CV

  • Surveyors CV

  • Authorisations (Local & EC Directives as relevant)

  • Authorisations (Local & EC Directives as relevant)

Reviewed and Updated on H Drive

  • Group OSH Checklist

  • Surveyors CV

  • Authorisations (Local & EC Directives as relevant)



  • Is the Surveyors NDE qualification up to date?

  • When does the Surveyors NDE qualification expire?

Conclusions, Findings, and Technical Review

Conclusion and Finding Log

  • Conclusions

  • Findings Requiring Corrective Actions
  • Findings identified which need action

  • Line Manager - Evaluate finding and identify recommended closure date

  • Monitors' / Line Managers, comments on review

Technical Reviews

  • Record details of all findings on the Findings Log at H:\Industry\04QUALITY\Quality\Technical Review\FindingsLog

  • Technical Reviews
  • Control Ref.

  • Field Series of Activity

  • Number of Findings

  • Confirmation


  • Signed as accepted Surveyor / Inspector

  • Monitor

  • Signed as accepted Line Manager

  • Acceptance of report can be made by confirmation email which will be appended to report.

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