Title Page

  • ALPS No.

  • Seller Name

  • Branch

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Sales Manager

Appointment Type

What type of appointment is this?

  • New Business

  • Extra Works

  • Resale

  • Quote Presentation

  • Cold Call

  • Follow Up Visit

  • Technical Support

  • Customer Complaint


  • Did the Seller pre qualify the call?

  • Did they ask the reason for contacting ADT?

  • Did they agree an agenda & send to customer in advance?

M.A.N/Intro/Agenda/Reason For Call

  • Did the salesperson introduce themselves?

  • Did they reconfirm or introduce the agenda?

  • Did they check M.A.N (Money, Authority, Need)?

  • Did they outline the reason for the call?

  • Did they give a succinct and upbeat overview of ADT as a business?

Validation/Needs Analysis

  • Did the salesperson ask questions about the customer's business?

  • Did the salesperson ask levelling questions?

  • Did the salesperson ask open questions about the customer's key requirements?

  • Did the salesperson question the customer as to why they have those needs?

  • Did they ask a range of open questions to establish the customer's interest in maintenance and support?

  • Did they ask the customer about budget?

  • Did the salesperson establish who the competition were, if any?

  • Did they ask open questions to establish if there are any uncovered issues or concerns with ADT?

  • Did the salesperson take notes?


  • Did the salesperson take the customer with them?

  • Did they identify where products need to be located in the customer's premises?

  • Did the salesperson accentuate and highlight the customer's concerns around security?

Summary & Commitment/Why ADT?

  • Did they ask the customer to prioritise what are the most important factors to them?

  • Did they summarise their understanding of the customer's situation and requirements concisely and correctly?

  • Did they clearly identify distinctive characteristics of ADT's products and services relevant to the customer's needs?

  • Did they discuss the value and ROI to the customer in using ADT?


  • Did the salesperson present a valid solution, including costs that meets the customer's requirements?

  • Did the salesperson gain commitment/ask for the order?

  • Did they close the deal?

  • Did the seller ask for and take a deposit from the customer?

  • Did they ask for referral or ask if there was anyone else within the business that ADT could help?

  • Did they ask for cross sales opportunities or areas that can be supported by ADT?

  • Did they leave the customer with a clear indication of next steps/timings?


Coaching Comments


  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Consultant

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