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Emergency Equipment

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  • Is the cabinet secure and operating? / <br>E Cabinet ta segura y ta den bon condishon?

  • When you open the cabinet, does the alarm sound? / <br>E alarma ta sona ora bo habri e cabinet?

  • Have you checked that there are no stored materials obstructing view or access to the AED?/ <br>Bo a check cu no tin ningun objeto ta blokea of impidi acsesso na e AED? <br> <br>

  • Is the green light showing ( the green light will be flashing) on the defibrillator?/<br>Bo a observa e lus berde di e AED ta sende y paga? <br>

  • Is the defibrillator silent and no noise being emitted? / <br>E AED no ta hasi ningun sonido (beep)?

  • A pair of exam gloves? / Paar di guante

  • A razor? / Aparato pa feita?

  • A dressing pad? / Gaza

  • A bottle of Alcohol hand gel? / Boter di Gel Desinfecta man?

  • A clinical waste bag? / Sako di sushi?

  • A Rescue Breath Face Mask? / Mask pa duna rosea?

  • Scissors? / Sker

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