• Name of event - Artist and Venue

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Venue Manager / Event Manager (contact name)

  • Contact details (email/number)

  • Capacity

  • Venue Type

  • Have you checked in with the Venue Manager?

  • Have you spoken to the venue/safety manager to determine venue show stop procedure?

  • Have you attended a security briefing/show stop meeting?

  • Are you aware of how to call first aid if required?

  • Are you aware of venue medical equipment/locations and medic rooms?

Load in/out and Production

  • Is the load-in/out area and route safe and well-lit?

  • Are the crew working in a safe manner, in line with manual handling regulations?

  • Is the crowd barrier adequate and in position?

  • Has a pyro / laser test been carried out?

  • Is the mixing position secure and barriered off?

  • If strobes are being used, is there signage in place?

Fire Provision

  • Do you know what to do in the event of a fire at the venue?

  • Have you discussed the venue evacuation plan and understand the chain of command?

  • Have you had a walk around the venue to familiarise yourself with the emergency exits?

  • Are all the emergency exits unlocked and clear of obstructions / has the venue informed this is the case?

  • Are there fire extinguishers located around the venue with clear signage?

  • Are the artist / artists team aware of what to do when the fire alarm sounds and where to assemble?


  • What type of stage is in the venue i.e. mobile, fixed venue stage, steel deck etc.

  • Is there clear access stage left and right?

  • Is there low level lighting for stage access and egress?

  • Are treads fitted properly and securely and are edges marked with visible gaffer or white lines?

  • Is there sufficient stage edge protection (i.e handrail) where required?

  • Are there at least two access/egress points from the stage?

  • Is the stage free of holes and trip hazards?

  • Is all pyro marked clearly on stage and away from walkways and access points?


  • Are the dressing rooms safe and free from any obvious hazards such as trailing cables, liquid spills etc?

  • Is there adequate signage for emergency egress backstage?

  • Is there hearing protection available backstage?

  • Are there toilets available with hand washing facilities backstage?


  • Is there medic provision onsite?

  • Are there welfare and rest areas available for crew with hot and cold drinks?

  • Is catering available?

  • Are there water dispensers or other drinking water sources available?

  • Are there adequate toilet facilities with hand washing facilities on site?

Reports and Documentation

  • Provide as much information as possible of any accident or incident at your event that may or may not affect AEG/Goldenvoice operations now or in the future.

  • Were risk assessments and H&S documentation received from the artist prior to the show?

  • Were risk assessments and H&S documentation received from suppliers and contractors prior to the show?

  • Has a show stop sign off been completed?

  • Did any accidents or near misses occur at the event?

  • Were these reported to the venue/event manager?

  • If an accident or near-miss occurred, has an accident report been completed?

Show Sign Off

  • Name

  • Signature

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