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  • Audit Date

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  • Auditor Name

  • Location

Forestry Contract Crew Safety Audit

  • Please share your report by exporting as PDF, Word, Excel or Web Link and forward to AEP Forestry Office, Contractor Supervision and Crew Foreman

Contract Crew Details

  • Crew Type:

  • Crew Number

  • Circuit#

  • Circuit Name:

  • Oper. Co. State

  • Work Area:

  • Foreman:

  • Pole Number

Forestry Contract Crew Safety Audit

  • • Failure Ratings for any single item will result in failure of this audit.
    • For all Fail answers (Fail & Unacceptable), please document by clicking the paperclip icon. Add photos and comments.
    • Failures will require Actions for random periodic follow up observation. Enter Action details in the actions field of the paperclip icon.

  • Personal Protective Equipment: (Shall be worn as requires. Includes but not limited to hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection, proper footwear.)

  • Property Maintained Safety Equipment: (Fully stocked, removable first aid kit, fire extinguisher and wheel chocks.)

  • Traffic Control Devices: (Approved and laced in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations)

  • Proper Fall Protection Procedures: (Barricade material available and used in accordance with safety rules.)

  • Properly Barricade Work Access

  • Properly Maintain and Store Work Tools

  • Follow Proper Approach Distances: (Follow ASHA 1910.269 minimum clearances for AC Live Work Minimum Approach Distances.)

  • Hazardous material properly stored, labeled & documented & MDSDS and Herbicide Label information available

  • Job Briefing Complete and OSHA compliant

  • Jobsite Housekeeping

Forestry Clearance Audit

  • Clearance for Species

  • ROW Width

  • Danger Trees

Forestry Work Quality Audits

  • Collar Cuts

  • Directional Pruning

  • Drop Crotch Selection

  • Stump Height

  • Hangers

  • Clearing around poles

  • Peels/Tears

  • Clean up/Brush Disposal

  • Regard for Property

Reporting Accuracy Audit

  • Week Ending Date

  • Time Sheet Number:

  • Numbers of trees trimmed

  • Numbers of trees removed

  • Footage/Units/Acres Re-cleared

  • Footage/Units/Acres Ground Sprayed

  • Widening

Time sheet Data

  • Time sheet Data

  • Data
  • Cap

  • O&M

Audit Data

  • Audit Data

  • Data
  • Cap

  • O&M


  • Variance

  • Data
  • Cap

  • O&M

Crew Audit Items

  • Equipment and Personnel

  • Truck Appearance/ID in working order

  • Number of Working Saws

  • ROW Equipment/Chipper

  • Professional appearance

  • Manpower Utilization

  • Customer Relations

  • Crew Properly Equipped

  • Herbicide Equipment

  • AEP Guidelines/Permits

  • Tree Knowledge

  • Planning

  • Use of Forms

Other Comments and Observations

  • Additional Comments and Observations


  • AEP Representative:

  • Contractor Representative:

Forestry Work Quality Audits

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