• Scenario

  • Firefighter assessed as

  • Performance scoring:

    0. A failure to reach the required acceptable standard
    1. Required standard met
    2. Performance exceeded required standard

    Any score of 0 in a risk critical element as identified by (*) constitutes to a failure of assessment with a training need identified

  • Control and Extinguish Fires

  • P.1 Confirm with relevant others your tasks and duties in relation to fire and rescue incidents in line with your role and responsibilities

  • P.2 Establish key factors about fire and rescue incidents and inform others in line with your organisation’s procedures, including: Extent, Nature, Location

  • P.3 Establish risks affecting fire and rescue incidents in line with your organisation’s risk assessment procedures

  • P.4 Use agreed methods and techniques to control and reduce fire in line with your agreed tasks and duties at an incident

  • P.5 Operate within appropriate risk control measures in line with your organisation’s procedures

  • P.6 Use resources, equipment and personal protective equipment at fire and rescue incidents in line with their limitations, safety and operating instructions

  • P.7 You identify potential sources of ignition and re-ignition

  • P.8 You isolate or remove combustible materials from the risk area

  • P.9 You take action to protect damaged aircraft and property from further deterioration

  • Support People Involved in an Operational Incident

  • P.10 Provide support to others at incidents in ways which promote calm, compassion and consideration for others

  • P.11 Restrict the view of incidents to avoid additional suffering in line with your organisation’s procedures

  • P.12 Report anything which may adversely affect people's safety to others in line with your organisation’s procedures

  • For the Whole Standard

  • P.13 Operate in a safe manner within your agreed level of responsibility and expertise

  • P.14 Work with others in ways that: Encourage cooperation, Support common understanding, Promote a positive image of your organisation

  • P.15 Preserve evidence to meet the needs of investigations in line with your organisation’s procedures

  • P.16Inform relevant others when people's possessions and property are identified

  • P.17 Return equipment and resources after use and make sure they are secured and stored in line with your organisation’s procedures

  • P.18 Keep accurate records and provide these to others in line with your organisation’s requirements

  • Candidate

  • Assessor

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