General Safety Audit

  • Audit Start Time

  • All "No" responses must be commented on (who, what, where, etc.). After your audit is completed, give a copy to your Manager. Indicate when each deficiency has been corrected.


  • Are all employees wearing appropriate personal protective equipment as required?

  • Are earplugs being worn correctly (fully inserted)?

  • Are all employees wearing safety glasses with safety shields as required?

  • Are all employees wearing the appropriate safety footwear as required?

  • Are employees voluntarily wearing N95 particulate respirators in the work area?

  • Are there employees that are mandated to wear half face piece respirators in the work area?

  • If "Yes" to #5 and/or #6, are they wearing the respirator properly?

  • Are all employees wearing the appropriate clothing as required for their work area?


  • Are electrical outlets in good repair (not cracked or broken)?

  • Are electrical conduits in good repair (not loose, etc.)?

  • Are electrical cords, extension cords, and air hoses free of cuts, nicks, bare wires, and loose connection?

  • Do extension cords have ground pins?

  • Are hydraulic lines in good repair (no leaks, etc.)?

  • Are machine guards in place as required?

  • Are machine guards held in place with proper fasteners?

  • Do all grinders have guards?

  • Are chains in good repair?

  • Are lifting chains marked to show size, grade, reach, and load?

  • Do lifting hooks have safety latches?

  • Are hooks in good repair? (Note: Hooks should not have any more than 15% in excess of normal throat opening or 10% twist. If so, dispose of them.)

  • Do air hose connectors have appropriate clamps? (Note: water hose clamps are not allowed)

  • Are cutting torch lines in good repair?

  • Are hammer handles in good repair (wood not split, not welded on, etc.)?

  • Are crane slings and hoists marked with load capacities?


  • Are ladder rungs and all steps intact and in good condition?

  • Are steps clean and free of grease and oil?

  • Are all nuts, bolts, rivets, etc., all tight and in place?

  • Are ladders free of splinters and sharp edges?

  • Are horizontally stored ladders supported on the ends and in the middle?

  • Are all ladder feet parallel to the surface against which the ladder will lean?

  • Do employees avoid leaning to the side while on ladders, keeping the navel between the side rails?

  • Are guardrails and stair rails in place as required?

  • Are there toe kicks in place at the bottom of each guardrail?

  • Are the guardrails a minimum of 42 inches high?

  • Is there a center rail constructed in the guardrails?

  • Are employees wearing fall protection devices correctly? (Note: required on all aerial lifts)

  • Are removable guardrails used and in place when required?


  • Workplace is clean and orderly?

  • Floors are clear and aisles, hallways, and exits are unobstructed?

  • Floor surfaces are kept dry and free of slip hazards?

  • Stairways, sidewalks, and ramps are free of defects (e.g. damaged treads, frayed edges)?

  • Illumination is adequate in all common areas and workstations?

  • All containers, including non-hazardous chemicals and waste, are labeled with the full chemical or trade name?

  • Stored materials are secure and limited in height to prevent collapse?

  • 36 inch clearance maintained for electrical panels?

  • Equipment and machines are clean and working properly?

  • Adequate ventilation is provided to machines for preventing buildup of heat or gas emissions?

  • Emergency stop switches on machines are identified and in proper working order?


  • Emergency exit signs are visible and lit properly?

  • Fire extinguishers are visible and accessible?

  • 18 inch vertical clearance is maintained below all sprinkler heads?

  • Fire extinguishers are serviced monthly?

  • Corridors and stairways are kept free of obstruction and are not used for storage?


  • Did you observe any employee performing their job task in an unsafe manner?

  • Are five-minute safety talks being conducted on a routine basis?

  • Do employees know what Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are? (ask two employees)

  • Do employees know where the MSDS are kept? (ask the same two employees from #3)

  • Other General Comments:

  • Take pictures as needed for "Other General Comments:"


  • Audit End Time

  • Safety Manager

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