Opening Meeting

  • Please ensure that there will be an area, with internet connection, available for the auditor(s) to work in. Kindly notify the auditor of any Safety Equipment requirements / induction training of the Facility being visited.

  • AVK Holdings Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd and its member companies consisting of :Premier Valves (Pty) Ltd, PV Engineering (Pty) Ltd, Cementation Engineering (Pty) Ltd, AVK SA (Pty) Ltd and AVK Manufacturing SA (Pty) Ltd will be referred to as "the organization" in this document.

    This document is used for the evaluation of the capabilities and management system of potential or current supplier of the organization to ISO9001:2015, P.E.D 2014/68/EU and API Q1 Section 4.6 requirements.

    This Audit does not convey source approval or assurance of commercial business.

    Contents of this audit will be kept confidential.

    This document may contain confidential information and is considered proprietary information. Use of this document is covered by the corporate agreement regarding confidentiality and intellectual property.
    This document is not to be shared with third parties or with employees outside of normal business conduct without prior management approval.

  • Attendance Register . Please add details as required below:

  • Attendee:
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  • Position in Company

  • Email Address:

  • Minutes Of Meeting:

Supplier Information

  • Photo of outside of facility with indication of factory identification

  • Indicate whether the Facility is:

  • Please indicate other if no selection can be made above:

  • Company Trading Name:

  • Company Registered Name:

  • Form of entity

  • What is the company turnover per year (excluding vat) ? (See currency below)

  • Currency:

  • Total Number of Employees:

  • Number of Production Staff

  • Number of Staff directly responsible for Quality:

  • Number of working shifts

  • Total m2 of the Facility ( Administration, Storage, Warehousing, Production)

  • Total area available for production facilities only:

  • Contact Details of person responsible for Quality related issues:

  • Languages

  • Common Customers

  • Largest Customer

  • Largest Customer % of Sales

  • Payment Terms

  • Early payment discount program?

  • Days paid in advance / % Discount

Products Supplied

  • Please refer to detailed sheet of valves offered by the Supplier - this is not applicable for suppliers that is acting as an agent.
    The following will be required to comply to the P.E.D and API requirements :
    * Catalogs of the range of valves supplied
    * General Arrangement Drawings
    * Technical Data Sheet
    * Operating and Maintenance Manuals

    At deliveries:
    * Material and Pressure Test Certificates

  • Was the product list compiled and supplied?

  • Comments:

Core Competencies

  • Are Manufacturing or assembly process done at site?

  • Are there a detailed equipment list available?

  • Development and Technical Competency

  • Other/Comments:

  • Number of Corrective Actions Completed in the past year

  • Number of Customer Rejections the past year

  • Current External Quality Yield ( Parts Rejected by Customer / Total Parts Shipped)

  • Comments:

  • Type of Manufacturing Process:

  • Comments

  • Rating System:
    0 = No System or Unknown
    1 = Deficiency in current system
    2 = Satisfactory System in place
    3 = Robust System in place
    Add supporting data by tapping the attachment icon where applicable

    It is suggested that a Factory tour to be arranged in order to give the Auditor(s) a general overview of the facility before conducting the rest of the questionnaire

Management Responsibility:

  • Is the organization certified by a recognized agency to recognized international standards in an applicable environment?
    Add photo(s) of certifications

  • Quality Culture is visible, objectives and responsibilities is clearly stated, widely communicated, measured and understood throughout the company; and is this regularly reviewed at scheduled management meetings?

  • Are Metrics in place to drive and maintain quality improvements, measure delivery performances, customer communication and training/competency of staff?


  • Is there a formal supplier rating/evaluation program in use when making sourcing decisions?

  • Are all purchased material requirements adequately specified and enforced?

  • Are there adequate controls in place to ensure that supplied materials conform to specifications?

  • Are conforming material certification required and verified for all strategic materials used in production? ( Material and test certs)

  • Are all raw material adequately identified and stored to avoid deterioration ?

Operations / Product realization

  • Production Facilities Available:

  • Are there an in-house testing facility relating to supplied item e.g material testing and pressure testing?

  • What type of machining capabilities exist? Details

  • Any non-destructive testing capabilities? Details.

  • Is there any outsourced processes used in the production ? If yes details and how is it controlled?

  • Does any type of assembly facilities exits ( Manual/Automated/Production line/Other)? Details

  • Does any corrosion protection facility exist and what type of corrosion protection is used? Details

Corrective - and Preventative Actions

  • Are copies of the purchasing contracts, drawings and specifications available at receiving area and production areas where applicable to ensure that the correct product are delivered at the correct specification/requirement?

  • Materials are inspected according to written procedures and verified prior to release to production or to the customer?
    (Receiving , warehousing and dispatch)

  • Are there a formal system in place to prevent use of items suspected or non-conforming until disposition by a qualified,designated person ? (Quarantine areas available, identification and release)

  • Is product identification and handling of non-conforming products adequately defined and documented to avoid any shipment(s) of defective product to the customer? Details

  • Do a formal system exist to handle Customer complaints? details.

  • Where Corrective measures been implemented, is the effects verified and monitored to ensure that the desired goals are being met? Details.

  • Does any warranty agreement exist - details?

Closing remarks

  • Audit Completed on site:

  • Additional Closing Comments:

  • Auditors
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