• Client / Site

  • Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

External Areas

  • Exterior gardens & car park areas acceptable?<br>

  • Roof visibly ok?

  • fascias and gutters ok?

  • Clear of abandoned cars vehicles or large items?

  • Gutters clear from obstruction?<br>

  • Bin store area is satisfactory?

Internal (Complete when applicable to site)

  • Entrance Satisfactory

  • Internal Decorations Statisfactory

  • All lights are working?

  • Staircases & Handrails Statisfactory

  • Lift working?

  • Lift emergency call system working?

  • Fire Extinguishers Satisfactory if present?

  • Fire Alarm working correctly with no obvious failures in errors or power supply?

  • Walk all corridors check for obstructions that could affect fire evacuation.<br>Include prams, mobile scooters, bikes, motorbikes.

  • All signs and notices are in place including no smoking sign, buildings insurance, fire instructions and any other relevant notices.

Repairs & maintenance.

  • Have all reported repairs been dealt with?

Actions required........

  • Action 1

  • Action 2

  • Action 3

  • Action 4

  • Action 5

  • Action 6

  • Action 7

  • Action 8

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