Daily Checks

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Self Tests

The AED runs automatic self tests at regular time intervals:
◆ The daily self test checks the battery, pads, and the electronic components.
◆ The weekly self test completes a partial charge of the high voltage electronics circuitry in addition to the items tested in the daily self test.
◆ The monthly self test charges the high voltage electronics to full energy in addition to the items tested in the weekly self-test. A subset of the self tests is also run each time the lid of the AED is closed.

When performing a self test, the AED:
1. Turns the Rescue Ready indicator red.
2. Automatically performs the appropriate self test.
3. Shows the Rescue Ready status.
If the test is successful, the Rescue Ready status is green.

If the AED detects an error, the Rescue Ready indicator remains red. A beep sounds every 30 seconds.

Weekly AED Checks

AED Rescue Ready

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Response Kit Sealed & Attached To AED

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