• Are all extinguishers unobstructed

  • Are all extinguisher tags intact

  • Are all alarm points unobstructed

  • Are all escape routes marked and unobstructed

  • Are all flammable materials stored correctly

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Have all PPE storage points been checked for correct contents, conditions of the PPE - serviceability and cleanliness

  • Is PPE - ear defence, safety footwear, goggles / visors etc being used correctly - Carry out a random check

  • Are all general safety signs and notices suitable and in good condition

Chemicals / COSHH

  • Are storage areas areas designated and suitably marked

  • Are chemical containers and hazardous substances (including empty containers) stored in a safe and tidy manor.

  • Check chemical containers , IBC's and dosing pumps for any signs of leaking - report any defects

  • Are all eye wash bottles sealed and in date, check eye wash stations and drench showers for operation and clear access

  • Are all manufacturers safety data sheets readily available

Guarding / Lock Off

  • Are all machine guards free from damage and securely in place

  • Check one machine guard interlock at random, CONSULT OPERATOR FIRST

  • Are safety Lock-Off padlocks readily available for all to use

  • Are safety Lock-Off procedures being used during CiP / machine strip down or assembly. Check with operators

Slips / Trips / Falls

  • Are the main walkways clear and unobstructed

  • Are all floors in the working areas clear, dry where possible and unobstructed

  • Are all departmental external access and exit roadways or footpaths in general good condition and free of trip hazards

  • Is lighting level sufficient to enable a clear vision of any areas where there are potential trip hazards

  • Are warning signs for CiP operation / wet floors etc readily available and used

Manual Handling

  • Are all the manual handling AIDS, Fork Lifts, Pallet Trucks, bag Lifters, Scissor Lifts etc, in good repair and working correctly

  • Have pre-start checks for forklifts or electric pallet trucks been signed off prior to use on a daily basis

  • Are end of line stacking arrangements set and positioned such that twisting, bending and turning is minimised

Safe Systems of Work

  • Are all task related risk assessment and safe system of work documents readily available to all for use

  • Select at random one RA/SSW and physically check compliance with the task being performed. Record the SSW number.

  • Have pre start checks been signed off prior to production operation

Hot Surfaces / Liquids

  • Check and report any exposed hot surfaces that have a potential to cause harm

  • Check and report any leaks (hot water or steam) that have a potential to cause harm

  • Check condition of all warning signs indicating location and dangers of hot surfaces, particularly those related to CiP regime


  • Are there any signs of significant damage caused by forklifts or other types of vehicles

  • Steps, stairs ladders, access platforms (including fillers) - are they all in a serviceable condition and security in place

  • Are all handrails securely fixed - report any defects

  • Are all materials stored correctly which could obstruct work or impede in an emergency

  • Are all machines / conveyors etc switched off when not in use

  • Is the general fabric and building infrastructure in good sound serviceable condition and free of points that could cause injurey

Electrical / Lighting

  • Are all electrical and control panels, switch rooms and trunking systems closed / secure

  • Are all electrical isolators, switches, panels etc in good working order and free of any damage or areas where water could enter

  • Carry out a general visual inspection of wiring systems noting for any loose unsecured wiring or areas of potential damage

  • Are all light fittings working correctly


  • Are all signs in areas that are designated ear protection zones suitably displayed and in good condition

  • Are ear defender dispensers suitably stocked

  • Carry out a spot check that defenders are being worn


  • Any other points and comments

  • Have all items requiring further action been reported to your team leader / line manager

  • Has a copy of this report been sent to the H &S Dept for monitoring purposes

  • Safety Rep signature

  • Department Managers Signature

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