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  • Are egress routes and exits clear & unconstructed? If YES, skip to item 2.

  • If exits are obstructed, have alternate exits been established?

  • If alternate exits have been established, are personnel in the area informed and aware of there relocation and existence?

  • Are all exits clearly identified and visible in the event of an emergency?

  • Are evacuation routes posted?


  • Are written procedures and guidelines posted in the immediate area for what to do and who to call in the event of a fire or emergency?

  • Are personnel in the immediate area aware and informed regarding procedures to follow in the event of fire of emergency?


  • Is the fire alarm system operational?

  • Is the fire sprinkler system operational?

  • If the existing fire alarm or sprinkler system is impaired, have measures been taken to provide equivalent systems for adequate protection?

  • Are the temporary fire alarm or sprinkler systems being inspected and tested monthly?

  • Are personnel in the area aware and informed on how to use the temporary fire alarm and or sprinkler system?


  • Are there unprotected penetrations and/or openings in any smoke or fire barrier?

  • Is there a penetration permit for the unprotected penetrations and/or openings?

  • Are there any door latching problems?

  • Are self closing devices operational?

  • Are fire and/or smoke dampers operational?


  • Are temporary construction partitions smoke tight and non combustible?

  • Are storage, waste and debris areas being maintained to minimize potential for fire or safety hazards?

  • Are portable fire extingquishers (fully charged w/ current inspection stickers) readily available?

  • If there is hot work, do workers have hot work permit?

  • Do electrical panels, temporary wiring, extension cords, tools and equipment appear to be installed, utilized and functioning Ina safe manner?

  • In general, are the exterior construction site, building and grounds free of hazards and potential safety violations?

  • Are hand and safety rails in place and maintained in good condition?

  • Are MSDS readily available for any hazardous chemicals that are present or being used?

  • Do ladders and scaffolds appear to be in satisfactory condition and used in a safe manner?

  • If required, is personal protective equipment (PPE) being used?

  • If electrical equipment needs to be deenergized, are applicable lockout/tagout procedures being followed?

  • Other hazards to be noted?

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