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APQP Checklist

Planning and Management

  • Are there personnel defined with the responsibility of APQP planning and management?

  • Is adequate training or skill available to the APQP cross-functional team?

  • Select all that apply

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  • Select the needed training/s or skill/s

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  • Are System Level Project Plans utilized?

  • Select all that apply

  • Select the System Level Project Plans to be utilized

  • Are risk and opportunity lists maintained?

  • Does the cross-functional team maintain an Open Issues Record which identifies item description, actions, status, priority, required and actual completion dates, and responsibilities?

Communication and Collaboration

  • Are Manufacturing Engineering personnel involved in all phases of the design development, management design reviews and risk assessments sign-offs?

  • Does the marketing and sales department participate in the pre-planning phases to support cost assumptions associated with quality, warranty, and customer satisfaction?

  • Are suppliers included in cross-functional team meetings?

  • Does the cross-functional team meet on a regular basis to review project timing, targets/objectives versus status, risks and opportunities, roadblocks, and open design and manufacturing issues?

  • Does the cross-functional team utilize metrics to monitor its performance?

  • Is the Project Manager accountable for communication between the product and manufacturing team members?

  • Does the management provide visible leadership of the Advanced Product Quality Planning?

Product and Process Design, Development and Validation

  • Is there a documented Product Development Process?

  • Select all that apply

  • Select the needed PDP documentation

  • Is the process complete and methodical?

  • Does the process continue through launch, including Product Development Launch support?

  • Are Design and Process FMEA development and application a documented part of the Product Development process?

  • Select all that apply

  • Select the needed DFMEA & PFMEA development and application documentation

  • Do all high-risk failure modes identified on the FMEAs have prevention methods designed into the respective processes?

  • Are test plans developed for each design level and formalized in a Design Verification Plan?

  • Are test plans reviewed and updated to meet all customer expectations as part of the Product Development Process?

  • Are control plans utilized for Prototype, Pre-Launch (Pilot), and Production?


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