APQP Documents Checklist


Voice of the customer

Review quality policy, business plans, and marketing plans

Review lessons learned database

Product and process benchmark

Product and process assumptions

Product reliability studies

Customer-specific requirements

Establish priorities (KPIs)

Planning and Project Definition

Define project goals

Customer purchase order


Design goals

Quality goals

Reliability goals

Preliminary bill of material (initial BOM)

Preliminary process flow chart

Preliminary list of special product and process characteristics

Product assurance plan

Project team selection and kick-off plan

Management support

Product Design and Development

Design failure mode and effects analysis

Design for manufacturing and assembly

Design verification

Design reviews

Prototype build-control plan

Engineering drawings (including math data)

Engineering specifications

Drawing and specification changes

Change control for drawings

New equipment, tooling and facilities requirements

Consensus on key/critical product and process characteristics

Gages/testing equipment requirements

Team feasibility commitment and management support

Process Design and Development

Product/process quality system review

Floor plan layout (from incoming to shipping)

PFMEA (process failure mode effects analysis)

Process flow chart

Characteristics matrix (significant and critical)

Pre-launch control plan

Process instructions

Measurement system analysis plan

Preliminary process capability study plan

Packaging standards

Packaging specifications

Product and Process Validation

Production trial run

Measurement systems evaluation

Preliminary process capability study

Production Part Approval (PPAP)

Production validation testing

Packaging evaluation

Production control plan

Quality planning sign-off and management support

Launch and Continuous Improvement



Corrective Actions

Reduced variation

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved delivery performance

Effective use of lessons learned

Meet internal and external timing

Management review


Additional Recommendations

Name & Signature of Project Manager
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