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  • Operator Name

  • Audit Title (fork lift)

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Pre-start Checks Documentation

  • Check logbook for pre-existings faults.

  • Do you have current and in date fork lift and drivers license?

  • Have you read the operators manual?

Pre-start Checks Visual Inspection

  • Is the machine damaged?

  • Are there any leaks in regards to water, fuel, hydraulics, etc?

  • Are guards and vandals covers in place and secure?

  • Is the fire extinguisher charged and secure?

  • Are the tyres and wheels in good condition (no major damage, no loose wheel nuts, etc.)

  • Is there any damage to the brakes or any leaking brake fluids?

  • Are the grab rails and steps in a clean stable condition?

  • Are attachments/accessories (safety chains, crane hook) in good working condition?

Pre-start Checks Fluids

  • Check fluid levels of radiator, hydraulics, brakes, transmission, etc. Fill up if required

Prestart Checks Driver's Seat

  • Is seat belt in a good condition, such as clean and with no wear or tear?

  • Are the control levers secure, not damaged or leaking?

  • Housekeeping, is the seat/cabin area clean and tidy with minimal rubbish or clutter?

  • Are the windshields, mirrors and lights clean, secure and operational?

Pre-operational Checks

  • Is your seatbelt fastened?

  • Checked operation of gauges, brakes, steering, mast, audible warnings and road lights.

  • Extend the mast and arms to full length and check hoses and structure again.


  • Operator

  • Supervisor

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