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General Safety

  • Are the policies & site management rules prominently displayed?

  • Has a pre start meeting been held before works commences?

  • Are all system forms for this area signed and available to personnel undertaking the task?

  • Is first aid equipment available?

  • Is fire fighting equipment available and inspected?

  • Is housekeeping of the work area acceptable?

  • Has portable electrical equipment being used in the area been tagged and current?

  • Has all lifting equipment required in the area been inspected and has current tags?

Roads and Traffic

  • Are suitable surfaces and grades maintained?

  • Are bund walls in place to protect from gravitational hazards?

  • Are bund walls at an appropriate height?

  • Are all traffic signs erect and visible?

  • Is the traffic control plan displayed?

  • Are all signs in the correct location and appropriately displayed?

  • Are machine operators able to comply with the TMP requirements?

  • Are light vehicles parked in designated areas?


  • Have all pre start inspections been completed?

  • Is all machinery servicing up to date?

  • Is unsafe or out of service equipment correctly tagged?

  • Are operators using two ways to communicate effectively?

  • Are all vehicle requirements met?


  • Are MSDS sheets available for all substances being used in the area?

  • Are all storage areas bunded correctly?

  • Are all substances used in the area correctly labelled?

  • Are there any visible signs of leaks or spills?

  • Is spill equipment available and easily accessible?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is all required PPE available and in good condition?

  • Are all workers wearing the required PPE?

  • Is sun protection available?

Environmental Requirements

  • Are all sediment fences in appropriate condition with appropriate spacing?

  • Are all bunded areas free from water, oil and other liquids?

  • Are all sedimentation ponds clear of excessive silt build up?

  • Is there any evidence of sediment discharge beyond the silt controls?

  • Are relevant water diversion methods in place and operating as required?

  • Are all semi permanent and permanent stockpiles appropriately treated?

  • Are all area accesses adequate?

  • Is excessive dust generation appropriately controlled?

  • Is excessive noise generation on site appropriately controlled?

  • Are waste bins on site and emptied as required?

Maintenance Area

  • Are all working areas segregated from traffic?

  • Are all tools and equipment stored and maintained appropriately?

  • Are all scrap parts and materials disposed of correctly?

  • All oil spills are are cleaned up as soon as they occur?

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