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Cleaning Inspection

  • Instructions:
    1. Answer "Yes", "No", "N/A" for the questions below.
    2. Add photos and notes by clicking on the paperclip icon.
    3. To add a Corrective Measure click on the paperclip icon then "Add Action", provide a description, assign to a member, set priority and due date.
    4. Complete audit by providing digital signature.
    5. Share your report by exporting as PDF, Word, Excel or Web Link.

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  • Are there any Health and Safety Risks visible in the area? If so, please ensure these are immediately addressed before you continue any further.

  • Are Emergency Exits clear from obstructions, Emergency exit signage in situ and fully functional and push bars etc fully functional?

  • Are there any Hazards in the area that you need to record and report?

  • Is all Fire Fighting Equipment in situ and properly located, with all signage in place and in good repair? Please ensure that the Extinguishers present match what the signage states should be there, are inside service date, safety pin in place and pressure gauge reading Healthy where applicable.


  • Are the doors free from damage, marks or scratches?

  • Are the doors opening / closing correctly with all door fixings, handles, hinges, locks etc in good condition and fully functional?

  • Are all walls free from damage, marks or scratches?

  • Are the Partitions free from damage, marks or scratches?

  • Are the floor coverings in good condition, properly in situ, free from slip / trip trip hazards, marks or stains?

  • Are the floor boxes in safe and suitable condition, and fully closed?

  • Are the ceiling tiles correctly situated, and free from visible defects, marks or scratches?

  • Is all glazing free from damage, marks or scratches?

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Is the room free from abnormal equipment noises?

  • Is the room free from abnormal odours?

  • Are all lights in full working order?

  • Are all items of Plant / Equipment free from visible defects, leaks etc?

  • Are all lifts in the area in suitable condition and free from damage, marks or scratches?

  • Are all Plant Rooms clean and tidy?

  • Is the area free from maintenance equipment, consumables, spares, ladders, wet vac's, tools etc?

  • Are you fully satisfied that the area has been suitably and fully audited, all issues have been identified and recorded, and that the client would not find any issues that you have not dealt with?

  • Inspected by:

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