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  • Jason Weinkauf.

  • Approved by; the Property Manager Sheena Issac

Pg1. Move in / Out Inspections.✔️ Contact Sheena or Narinder for daily updates.

  • Move-in/outs✔️

Pg 2. Material.✔️ Must be submitted by the end of your shift.

  • Material to be ordered✔️

Pg3. Tenant and Max panda Requests. ✔️ Daily meeting with Sheena

  • Tenant and Max panda requests ✔️

Pg4. Building Management Systems. ✔️

  • BMS daily checks ✔️

Pg5. Notifier Fire Panel Monitoring.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg 6. Roof Assessment east and west tower.

  • East tower daily checks

  • West tower daily checks

Pg7. Lochinvar Boilers

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg8. Domestic Hot Water.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg 9. Engineered air MAU’s Corridor and Parkade.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg10. FCU’s Main Lobby Space Temperature.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg11. Tekmar Snowmelt.✔️

  • Daily checks✔️

Pg 12. Chiller Plant.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg13. Amenities: Space Temperature.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg14. Floor Checks.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg15. Stairwell Checks.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg16. Courtyard.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg17. TKE Elevators.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg18. Cleaners.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg19. Garbage Room.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg20. Parkade.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg21. Parking.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg22. Parkade Air Transfer Fans.✔️

  • Daily checks ✔️

Pg23. Amenity Rooms.✔️

  • Kitchen. 4-art work. 2-tv’s. 8-brown leather dinning chairs. 6-brown leather bar stools. 24-steel bar stools. 4-brown leather chairs. 2-black leather stools. 1-gray leather couch.

  • Games room. 12-art work. 1-play station. 4-tv’s 6-black leather chairs. 3-tan leather chairs. 10-steel bar stools. 1-black leather couch. 1-min-fridge.

  • Gym. 2-elliptical machines. 2-treadmills. 2-stationary bikes. 1-rowing machine. Universal gym. Squat rack. Leg press. Cable machine.

  • Aria Studio.

  • Leasing office. 4-brown leather chairs. 4-brown leather bar stools. 3-black office chairs. 2-orange chairs. 1-Coffee machine. 1-tea pot.

  • Coffee lounge. 1-Art work. 1-tv. 8-brown leather bar stools.

  • Multimedia tv’s and artwork.

  • Luxer locker

  • Lobby

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