Relationships and Interactions

  • Staff welcome all children, listen to, and treat them with respect throughout program time.

  • Staff are engaged with children and ask open-ended questions throughout program time.

  • Staff give children opportunities to make their own choices throughout program time.

  • Staff review positive behavior expectations throughout program time.

  • Staff use appropriate voice tones, facial expressions, and positive body language throughout program time.

  • Staff greet families and make them feel welcome, comfortable, and exhibit respect towards them.

  • Staff are respectful of one another and work together to ensure the program flows smoothly.

Supervision and Safety

  • Attendance is taken and absences verified within the first 10 minutes.

  • Students are in constant visual supervision at all times and ratios are maintained.

  • Daily schedules are posted and followed.

  • Staff observed counting heads and are aware of students location and activities throughout program time.

  • Telephone coverage is available during program time.

  • Doors to the building remain locked throughout program time.

  • ASEP staff are not responsible for letting families other than ASEP families into the building during program time.

Teacher Directed Activities (TDAs)

  • TDAs are dated for the current week, complete with the teacher's name, and group number.

  • Lesson plans are posted where parents can see them.

  • Clear directions were given and expectations shared regarding the TDA.

  • Alternate activities were made available to student who chose not to participate in the TDA.

Chromebooks and Headphones

  • Chromebooks and headphones were organized and neat.

  • Chromebooks and headphones were given out in an organized manner.


  • Academic centers offered 5 individual activities and are accessible for the majority of program time.

  • Additional centers promoting Visual/Cultural Arts, Career Awareness, Social and Life Skills were accessible later in the day.

  • Tablecloths and center signs were displayed.

  • Center materials were in good repair and age appropriate.

  • Soft plush quiet areas were available.

  • Student work is on display for each group.


  • Students work together during homework time; talking is minimal and relates to HW assignments.

  • Staff monitor homework time, providing assistance as needed.

  • Teachers address student homework questions with an appropriate voice tone--warm, nurturing, etc.

  • Homework materials available independent of center activities.

  • Staff engaged with students--no sitting, not doing teacher tasks.

Outdoor Time

  • An organized game choice is offered as part of outdoor time.

  • Free choices are available to all students during outdoor game time.

  • A variety of portable equipment is available to students.

  • Staff circulate and monitor students, ensuring safety.

  • Walkie-Talkies and First Aid Kits are available for each group.

Administrative Duties

  • EasyDraft payments are recorded on ledger cards and ledger cards are up-to-date. NC Fast vendor payments are recorded and up-to-date on the ledger cards.

  • All families are within the one-week payment policy.

  • Safety drills have been conducted regularly and are up-to-date.

  • The ASEP late payment policy is enforced.

  • Kronos and MyTime Exceptions are current and accurate.

  • P-Card is under lock-and-key.

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