• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

ATV Description

  • Is the make and model visible on the ATV?

  • Is the ATV Registered and Insured?

  • What is the general condition of the ATV? If possible provide photo.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

  • Site Specific ERP Emergency Response Plan

  • Eye Protection

  • Proper Footwear

  • CSA or DOT Approved ATV helmet

  • High Vis Safety Vest

  • Fire Extinguisher or Water Bag

  • First Aid Kit

ATV Check List

  • Tire and Rim Condition

  • Front Lights Hi/Low

  • Back Lights

  • Suspension Front/Back

  • Brakes Front/Back

  • Oil condition and Level

  • Winch and Cable

  • Switches and Cabels

  • Tire Chains

  • Racks

  • Supply Box

  • Operator

  • Auditor

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