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  • 1. Use this checklist to inspect for hazards at the workshop monthly.
    2. WHSRs and the Warehouse Supervisor are to inspect for hazards.
    3. When completed, transfer all hazards that can’t be rectified immediately to the ‘Rectification Action Plan.’
    4. Forward the checklist and RAP to the Supervisor and then the Manager for further action (if required) and sign-off.
    5. Forward the checklist and RAP to the WHSO for further action (if required) and sign-off.
    6. The WHSO is to table the RAP at the Safety Committee meeting.
    7. The Safety Committee is to discuss the control/corrective actions (if necessary) and monitor if the RAP has been effectively actioned, verified and signed off.
    8. The workshop foreman is to discuss the checklist and RAP with his/her staff at the regular toolbox talks.


  • Beenleigh Warehouse
  • Inspected by (1)

  • Inspected by (2)

  • Date of inspection

  • Date of last inspection

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • Are there any outstanding actions?

  • List the outstanding actions

  • Take some photos

1. Fire Protection

  • Are inspection tests up to date for fire extinguishers? (every 6 months)

  • Fire extinguisher no:

  • Fire extinguisher no:

  • Fire extinguisher no:

  • Date of last test

  • Are inspection tests up to date for hose reels? (every 6 months)

  • Date of last test

  • Is fire equipment marked with a location & identification marker (2 - signs)?

  • Are all fire extinguishers accessible, clear from obstruction?

2. Emergency Evacuation

  • Are written procedures/plans in place and current?

  • Is a current evacuation diagram displayed?

  • Are assembly areas allocated and understood?

  • Does a minimum of 2 practice drills occur per year?

  • Are warning systems clear (audible) in all areas?

  • Are all exits kept clear?

  • Are exit signs operating correctly? (Push test button)

3. First Aid

  • Are there sufficient first aid kits at the workplace?

  • Are first aid kits checked on a regular basis & contents in date?

  • Date of last check

  • Does the content of kit, agree with content list?

  • Are first aid officer’s identities displayed?

  • Are emergency telephone numbers displayed?

  • Are all injuries reported and recorded? (view book or form)

  • When first aid equipment is used, is it recorded?

  • Is a sharps kit available?

4. Electrical

  • Is electrical equipment tested and tagged on a regular basis?

  • Date of next test due (check some tags)

  • Is the workshop protected by RCD’s?

  • Are RCD’s manually tested to ensure correct operation?

  • Date of test

  • Are correct power boards used (no double adaptors or piggy back plugs)?

  • Is clear access provided to switchboards? (1 m)

  • Are switchboards in good condition?<br>• no holes on covers <br>• marking of circuit breakers (legend) <br>


  • Are relevant signs displayed near equipment?<br>

  • Are unauthorised entry signs displayed?

  • Are signs in good condition (not faded)?

  • Are sufficient signs in use – internally and externally including:<br>• Information signs (first aid, general signage)<br>• Danger signs <br>• Mandatory signs (footwear) <br>

  • Are out of service/danger tags available for use?

Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods

  • Have all hazardous substances been identified?

  • Have all dangerous goods been identified?

  • Are all chemicals and substances correctly stored?

  • Are containers well marked/labelled correctly?

  • Is there appropriate ventilation for both use and storage?

  • Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided and available to all staff for each hazardous/dangerous product?

High Risk Plant – Forklifts & Order Pickers

  • Is a High Risk Plant (Vehicle) log available & current?

  • Are services performed regularly?

  • Are maintenance records available?

  • Are daily checks conducted on the forklift? (check records)

  • Have all attachments to the forklift been approved and does the compliance plate on the forklift reflect these attachments?

  • Is the correct lifting equipment being used for lifting activities?

  • Warning lights and reversing beepers operating?

  • Are gas cylinders correctly stored – secured by chain or bar?

  • Is plant charging equipment in good order?

  • Do all operators hold the appropriate certificates/licences?


  • Are all work areas maintained in a clean and tidy state? • Storage Areas • Yard • Other

  • Do staff use good stacking and storage practices?

  • Are items stored in their designated areas in the storage facilities provided?

  • Are barriers / guards adequate to prevent fall hazards?

  • Are pedestrian walkways clearly marked?

  • Are pedestrian walkways kept clear?

  • Do staff wear the appropriate safety gear? (hi visibility clothing, work boots)

  • Is safety gear available and maintained in good order? (hi visibility vests for office staff, harnesses etc.)

  • Add any other hazards that have been identified that were not included in the checklist

Sign Off

  • Inspector

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Workplace Health and Safety Officer

  • Comments

  • Date for review. (This inspection should be carried out on a monthly basis).

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