• AUI summer student coaching

  • Driver Name

  • Assessor name

  • Today's date

  • Location


Driver documents

  • Driver license

  • Add media

  • Does driver have any restrictions and if so do they meet the requirements?

Driver Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Driver completes a thorough inspection of vehicle and checks for damage?

General driving habits

  • Checks for obstacles before moving? Circle check vehicle and surroundings

  • Consistently alert and attentive?

  • Adjusts driving to meet changing conditions?

  • Performs routine functions while keeping eyes on the road?

  • Adjusts speed properly to road, weather and traffic conditions?

  • Comes to a complete stop?

  • Slows down in advance for curves, intersections, etc.?

  • Yields right of way for safety?

  • Signals for lane changes and turns?

  • Maintains proper lane control after turning

  • Maintains good lane control?

  • Understands how to calculate proper following distance?

  • Keeps a safe following distance at all times?

  • Parallel Parking

  • Parking Lot driving & Defensive Parking

  • Uses defensive driving techniques?

  • Constantly checks all mirrors and looks ahead for hazards?

  • Observed posted speed limits

  • Describe historical data and vehicle incidents at AUI.<br>


  • Completed backing obstacle course?

  • Stops and gets out to survey the scene?

  • Maintains a safe distance and clearance from other objects?

  • Backs slowly and carefully?

  • Actively moving the head as well as checking mirrors?

  • Signals before backing?

  • Understands the need to avoid backing.

  • Shows sufficient skills during backing?

Post trip inspection

  • Driver completes thorough post trip inspection?

Driving Course Information

  • Obstacle course backing

  • Obstacle course forward circle

  • Obstacle course backing circles

  • Obstacle course diminishing clearance

  • Add media

Driver Assessor Results

  • Does driver have sufficient skills to safely operate the vehicle and understands AUI rules?

  • I have reviewed the above information with the driver and have coached him/ her in any areas he is deficient in.

  • Assessor comments

Driver Field

  • I have reviewed the above information and understand any areas where improvement is needed.

  • Driver comments

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