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Parking lots and pathways

  • Pathways are clean and free of debris

  • Parking stops are in good repair<br>

  • Parking lot striping/handicap paint is visible and in good repair

  • Parking lot is clean free of debris

  • Parking signage is legible, free of graffiti

  • Lot is free of potholes or excessive cracks

  • Pathways are are in good repair (no excessive cracks)

Common area turf

  • What condition is the turf in (1-10)?

  • Native grasses are free of trash and debris

  • When was the aeration last completed?

  • When was fert last completed?

  • Trash cans are clean, free of graffiti

  • BBQs and other fixtures (controller/electric boxes) are clean and free of graffiti

  • Turf edging appears sharp (along paths/concrete/planting beds/and curbs)

  • Areas adjacent to trees and fixtures (grills etc) have been trimmed appropriately

  • Irrigation appears to be in good working order (no excessively wet or dry spots)

  • Common turf areas are in good shape without need of repair or replacement?

  • Are all Irrigation heads set at proper height?

  • Are valve boxes at proper height?

  • Is irrigation controller in good shape?

  • Pump and/or pump house?

  • Are the pump house and pumps in good condition?

  • Last known PM?

Planting beds/Trees/and throughout the park

  • Mulch in beds provides good coverage

  • All irrigation pipe is buried and not exposed above mulch?

  • Shrub beds are free of weeds

  • Beds are free of dead plant material

  • Trees are all trimmed and free of sucker growth

Playgrounds/ Spraygrounds

  • Is the playground clean of graffiti and in good repair?

  • The signage in the playground/Sprayground area is legible and clean

  • Is fall material at safe level

Shelters/buildings/other amenities

  • Picnic tables are clean and free of graffiti or excessive stains

  • Fixtures (BBQs, retaining walls, drinking fountains, tables, bike racks) are clean, free of graffiti and in good repair

  • Lighting and other electrical fixtures are in good repair

  • Signage is legible and looks sharp

  • Buildings are free of graffiti and in good repair

  • Restrooms/vault/San-o-let toilets are are free of graffiti (inside and out)

  • All fencing is clean, graffiti free and in good repair

  • Any amenity requiring paint is clean, free of graffiti, and in good repair. Note any amenities needing paint

Athletic field turf

  • Turf is in good condition

  • Field is free of large holes or unsafe wear patterns.

  • There are no obvious irrigation issues or excessively wet/dry areas

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