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1.0 Governance and Compliance

  • 1.1 Does the ACU hold an approved Activity application for a bivouac and ceremonial activity?<br>

  • 1.2 Is the ACU using current copies of templated forms?

  • 1.3 Are the ratios of ACS and volunteers adequate for the number of cadets present at the time of the audit? 1:20 home training<br> <br> <br> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

  • 1.4 Are roll books being maintained for all training, this includes home training and activities?

  • 1.5 Does the ACU maintain financial records?

  • 1.6 Does the ACU collect subs?

  • 1.7 If the answer is 'yes' to 1.6 is this recorded in a receipt book?

  • 1.8 Does the ACU operate a canteen?

  • 1.9 If the answer to 1.8 is 'yes', is the income and expenditure reflected in the receipts available?

  • 1.10 If any money (cash) is held on the property is it secured?

2.0 Inspection and Testing of unit owned electrical equipment

  • 2.1 Does the ACU hold the COMD NQLD Directive?

  • 2.2 Does the ACU hold a unit-owned Electrical Equipment Register?

  • 2.3 Are all hostile electrical equipments tagged and in date?

  • 2.4 Are all electrical items in good condition and not creating any hazards?

3.0 Management of HAZCHEM

  • 3.1 Does the ACU have access to a copy of the Management of HAZCHEM SOP?

  • 3.2 Does the ACU maintain a HAZCHEM register?

  • 3.3 Does the ACU hold in date SDS for all HAZCHEM held (dated within last 5 years)

  • 3.4 Are all HAZCHEM clearly labelled?

  • 3.5 Are HAZCHEM stock holdings IAW the maximum permissible holdings for the size of the ACU?

  • 3.6 Is the ACU holding any HAZCHEM it is not authorised to hold?

  • 3.7 Is adequate fire fighting equipment available at HAZCHEM storage locations?

  • 3.8 Are LPG bottles stamped as inspected within the last 10 years?

  • 3.9 Where the LPG bottles is designed to incorporate a detachable plug or cap is this attached to the outlet valve?

4.0 Visitors Register

  • 4.1 Does the ACU hold and maintain a Visitors Register?

  • 4.2 Does the ACU provide the "AAC Visitors and Contractors Safety Guide" to visitors and contractors?

5.0 Canteen Procedures

  • 5.1 Does the ACU operate a canteen?

  • 5.2 Does the ACU hold and display the AAC Unit Guide for Canteens?

  • 5.3 Is there any evidence of peanut/nut based products within the canteen?

  • 5.4 Is canteen stock stored in appropriate storage facilitiiies?

6.0 First Aid

  • 6.1 Does the ACU hold and appropriate/adequate first aid kit?

  • 6.2 Does the ACU appoint a specified first aid officer?

  • 6.3 Does the ACU maintain a first aid register?

  • 6.4 Is the location of the first aid kit clearly sign posted?

  • 6.5 Is there any evidence that Analgesics are stored within the first aid kit(s)

7.0 Fire and Evacuation Planning

  • 7.1 Does the ACU have a fire and evacuation plan?

  • 7.2 Is there any evidence that the ACU implements and practices the plan?

  • 7.3 Is a fire warden identified?

  • 7.4 Do all personnel know the evacuation plan and assembly area (ask questions)

  • 7.5 Is there any fire fighting equipment on the premises?

  • 7.6 If the answer to the above if 'yes' is the fire fighting equipment serviceable?

8.0 Health Management

  • 8.1 Does the ACU hold a list of those ACS and cadets with a Health Management Plan?

  • 8.2 If the answer to the above is 'yes' is this communicated to all staff?

  • 8.3 Does the ACU hold a list of those ACS and cadets with a Special Dietary Requirement?

  • 8.4 If the answer to the above is 'yes' is this communicated as part of food planning?

9.0 WHS Notice Board

  • 9.1 Does the ACU display WHS information on a notice board?

  • 9.2 If the answer to the above is 'yes' is it located for everyone to observe, including staff, cadets and visitors

  • 9.3 Does the Notice Board contain the following:

  • 9.3 a Anaphylaxis Chart

  • 9.3 b CPR Flow Chart

  • 9.3 c COMD AAC WHS Policy

  • 9.3 d COMD NQLD AAC WHS Statement

10.0 Q Store

  • 10.1 Does the ACU have a dedicated stores location?

  • 10.2 Are all storage areas secure, ie shelving etc?

  • 10.3 Are there any storage items stored above head level?

  • 10.4 I the answer to the above is 'yes' are these items in a light nature in weight?

  • 10.5 Does the ACU hold and lifting equipment or ladders?

  • 10.6 If the answer to the above is 'yes' is this equipment serviceable and in good order?

  • 10.7 Is there any evidence of overstocking?

  • 10.8 Are the storage facilities clean and tidy and free of trip hazards?

11.0 ACU General Condition

  • 11.1 Is there any evidence of general hazards that have not been mitigated or communicated?

  • 11.2 Is there sufficient lighting for night time activities?

  • 11.3 Is there sufficient shade for day time activities?

  • 11.4 Are there facilities sufficient for day to day activities?

  • 11.5 Is there sufficient signposting within the facility, ie entry, exit, car parking etc?


Workplace Inspection Summary of Recommendations

  • Corrective Action Required & Nature of Urgency( number each action required and assign level of urgency e.g. 1= endangerment to life if not corrected immediately 5= general maintenance):

  • Corrective Actions
  • Inspecting Officers Signature

  • Select date

  • Unit OC's Recommendations/ Comments (If required):

  • Unit OC's Reccomendations
  • Unit OC's Signature

  • Select date

  • FSA's Recommendations/ Comments (If required):

  • Unit OC's Reccomendations
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