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  • 1.1 Is there any obvious damage to paths that require maintainence?

  • 1.2 Is adequate lighting provided for safety and security of personnel?

  • 1.3 Is there adequate areas for parents to park in order to drop off/ collect cadets before and after training?


  • 2.1 Is emergency evacuation maps/ signs posted on entry and exit points?

  • 2.2 Do access/ egress points allow people to move in a free and unobstructed manner?

  • 2.3 Are measures and facilities in place to prevent people from falling (eg guardrails, handrails)?

  • 2.4 Do access and egress points have emergency lighting?

  • 2.5 Is the flooring at the access and egress point in good condition (no tears, holes, uneven surface)?

  • 2.6 Are emergency exit points available, unobstructed, and in good condition?

  • 2.7 Are floors and aisles cleared of rubbish, materials and equipment?

  • 2.8 Are stairs in good repair and fitted with non skid strips?


  • 3.1 Are power points in good condition?

  • 3.2 Are there sufficient power points?

  • 3.3 Are light globes fitted securely?

  • 3.4 Is the lighting sufficient for purpose/ task?

  • 3.5 Are lead and appliances test and tagged?

  • Date of last electrical test and tag

  • 3.6 Are surfaces and equipment kept in a clean condition?

  • 3.7 Are workstations easily accessible?

  • 3.8 Do individuals have to reach, twist or bend in an uncomfortable way?

  • 3.9 Are items that are in constant use easy reach?

  • 3.10 Are workstations/ Desk free from clutter?

  • 3.11 Is there adequate storage for paper, books and files?

  • 3.12 Is all furniture adequate and in good repair?

  • 3.13 Are all doors fully functional?

  • 3.14 Are all floor coverings adequate and do not pose trip hazard?


  • 4.1 the kitchen/ amenities area kept clean and in good repair?

  • 4.2 Are kitchen appliance's and white goods clean?

  • 4.3 Are all cleaning chemicals clearly labeled?


  • 5.1 Is storage adequate to meet requirements?

  • 5.2 Are stacks stable?

  • 5.3 Is there sufficient storage for heavy items (in a low position)?

  • 5.4 Are the cupboards and shelves in good condition?

  • 5.5 Are storage areas clearly identified?

  • 5.6 Are stools and ladders available for obtaining items from high places?

  • 5.7 Are items stored appropriately for their weight and use? <br>(Heavy items between shoulder and knee height of the Q store staff.).<br>(Light and infrequently used items on higher shelves. Heavy or large and infrequently used items on lower shelves).


  • 6.1 Are all toilets/ showers clean, private and well ventilated?

  • 6.2 Is hand drying facilities available?

  • 6.3 Is sanitary disposal in place and serviced regularly?

  • 6.4 Are amenities cleaned regularly?

  • State cleaning schedule?


  • 7.1 Is the main switch/ circuit breaker clearly labelled?

  • 7.2 Is the main switch/ circuit breaker easily accessible?

  • 7.3 Is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher placed adjacent/ near the switch board?

  • 7.4 Are power leads in good condition and off the floor or placed away from doorways?

  • 7.5 Are power boards used in place of double adapters?

  • 7.6 Is there a register of electrical equipment, appliances, and tools used in the workplace?


  • 8.1 Is there a fire alarm installed?

  • 8.2 Is the fire alarm tested every three months?

  • 8.3 Are fire exits clearly marked and easily identifiable and well lit?

  • 8.4 Are fire exits free from obstruction?

  • 8.5 Has a trained fire safety and emergency person been appointed?

  • 8.6 Are emergency and evacuation procedures prominently displayed?

  • 8.7 Are telephone numbers of emergency services and fire wardens clearly displayed?

  • 8.8 Are emergency evacuation drills conducted regularly?<br>Record the date of the last emergency evacuation drill conducted.

  • Date of last emergency evacuation drill conducted:

  • 8.9 Are fire extinguishers available and easy to locate?

  • 8.10 Are the fire extinguishers in place clearly marked for the type of fire?<br>

  • List area and type of fire extinguisher in the area.

  • 8.11 What was the date of the last fire extinguisher service?

  • 8.12 Are smoke detectors installed?

  • 8.13 Is a fire sprinkler system installed?

  • 8.14 Is the fire sprinkler system unobstructed?

  • 8.15 Are hose reels available and connected to water supply?

  • 8.16 Is acces to the hose reel unobstructed?


  • 9.01 Are there trained first aid officers appointed?

  • 9.02 Are the names of the first aid officers displayed on an appropriate sign?

  • 9.03 Are first aid kits fully available and fully stocked d products within it's expiry date?

  • 9.04 Is a record of all first aid treatment given maintained?

  • How?


  • 10.1 Have easy to read warning signs been posted indicating the hazardous areas/ tasks?

  • 10.2 Are emergency exits signs in place and easy to identify?

  • 10.3 Are signs/ posters close to the subject of the sign?

  • 10.4 Are signs/ posters adequately maintained/ updated?

  • 10.5 Are notices/ instructions provided/ clearly displayed on treatment of electrical shock?


  • 11.1 Are all areas, parade grounds included, adequately lit (i.e. appropriate to task being completed)?

  • 11.2 Is natural light used to best advantage?

  • 11.3 Is task lighting available were required?

  • 11.4 Are light fittings and switches in good working order?

  • 11.5 Are all light fittings shielded with good cover?

  • 11.6 Are fittings accessible for routine maintainence?


  • 12.1 What type of ventilation is installed (Fan, window, air conditioning etc)?

  • 12.2 Is ventilation appropriate/ adequate for type of work being undertaken?

  • 12.3 Are ventilation systems regularly maintained?

  • State date of last service.


  • 13.1 Are gas storage areas secured and separated from other areas of chemical storage?

  • State how your cylinders are stored (Gas cage etc).

  • 13.2 Are gas cylinders securely chained and supply valves closed/ capped if not in use?

  • 13.3 Are all cylinders at least 3 metres away from ignition sources?


  • 14.1 Are material safety data sheets available for all hazardous chemicals?

  • 14.2 Are all staff/ cadets fully acquainted with material safety data sheets?

  • 14.3 Are staff/ cadets trained to take all necessary emergency actions involving hazardous substance?

  • 14.4 Are all chemicals, detergents, agents and other household chemicals safely stored and labelled?

  • 14.5 Are suitable procedures in place to clean up spills?


Workplace Inspection Summary of Recommendations

  • Corrective Action Required & Nature of Urgency( number each action required and assign level of urgency e.g. 1= endangerment to life if not corrected immediately 5= general maintenance):

  • Corrective Actions
  • Inspecting Officers Signature

  • Select date

  • Unit OC's Recommendations/ Comments (If required):

  • Unit OC's Reccomendations
  • Unit OC's Signature

  • Select date

  • FSA's Recommendations/ Comments (If required):

  • Unit OC's Reccomendations
  • FSA Signature

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