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I AV-PI: Cable Management, Termination and Labeling

  • AV-PI-01<br>Site inventory of equipment<br>Is all equipment in shop or on site?

  • AV-PI-02<br>AV equipment Labeling

  • AV-PI-03<br>AV Connector Verification<br>All termination are in agreement with the equipment and system requirement

II-AV-A: Audio Performance

  • AV-A-1<br>Audio System Signal-to-Noise Ratio<br>Measure system signal to noise ratio. Noise level should not exceed best practices.

  • AV-A-2<br>Audio System Latency<br>Measure latency of the audio system. Latency should not exceed design requirement of the system.

  • AV-A-3 Conferencing System Microphone Sensitivity and Gain Struture Alignment For conference systems, adjust microphone input gain to demonstrate that "standard talker", positioned at each talker position in the room

III-AV-V: Video Performance

  • AV-V-01<br>Projected display physical alignment verify that projected displays are focused, centered, and even- illuminated

  • AV-V-02<br>Video camera image verify camera performance and operation

IV AV-N/ AV-C: Control, Software and Networking

  • AV-N-02<br>Control System Communications All control system programming installed and properly communicating with equipment intended

  • AV-N-01 <br>Control System IP Address Assignment All IP-controlled equipment properly configured with IP addresses, host names, time servers, network configuration. All system connections are operational and devices communication correctly

Room information

  • Room type

  • Room state

AV cabinet

  • Are mouting block fitted ?

  • Are cables terminated to patch panel?

  • Are all cables terminated for the Amp ?

  • Is the touch panel connected and installed ?


  • Is the RS-232 connector terminted ?

  • Is the TV installed and connected ?

Video system

  • Display device

  • Projector, brand model and Lamp hours

  • Is the projector screen installed ?

  • Dose the image fill screen fixed aspect ratio ?

  • Is the projector aligned or focused ?

Audio system

  • Brand /Model speaker

  • Is the audio quality good ?

  • Do audio source output to speaker ?

Control system

  • Control system details.

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