Room Location & Type

  • Building / Room Name

  • Campus

  • Current Room Type

  • Proposed Room Type - If Known

Images to Capture

  • Capture overall photos of the front and back of the space.

  • Capture each side of the space, overlapping the photos if a single side cannot be captured in a single photo.

  • Capture the roof/ceiling, pay particular attention to anything mounted on the ceiling/roof and the type of ceiling (ceiling tiles/solid plaster/exposed etc).

  • Capture floor/wall where any cables enter/exit.

  • Capture any floor boxes and wall plates.

  • Capture any AV equipment, including make/model etc.

  • Capture racks, cable entry/exit.

  • Capture UPS - if applicable.

  • Capture any spaces that are relevant to the space being scoped (bio box, store room etc).

  • Capture anything that may interfere with the AV Design. ie. Ceiling fans/AC units/hanging lights

Details required to document the space

  • Make a list of equipment that is currently in the space. This list can be given to AV support to choose if any equipment will be kept as operational spares.

  • Draw the room shape, including detailed measurements, include any fixed furniture.

  • Document the building fabric of all surfaces (plasterboard/concrete/brick/wood etc.)

  • Document any thoughts regarding the rooms current orientation and whether a new orientation might work better for the new AV design.

  • Document any fixed ceiling features or equipment (bulkheads, lights, fans, AC units) that may interfere with room design, including ceiling height.

  • Measure & document the noise floor of the space using a sound meter.

  • Measure & document the lighting level using a lux meter.

  • Consider what new cable runs may be required for the new AV installation. Document what might need to be done to install cables (temporary holes, new ceiling access, AV track, concrete chasing etc)

  • Document if current projected images shake/vibrate

  • Document any light that interferes with the projected images? Natural or other.

  • Document the current projection surface/screen. Consider what is required for image projection in the new AV system? (new screens, resurface plaster wall, painting etc)

  • Document any considerations regarding wall surfaces and reinforcement necessary for mounting equipment.

  • Document the current lighting system (split lighting controls/integration with AV system)

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