Job Information

Project Information

  • Project Name

  • Job #

  • Date

  • Time of Jobsite Arrival

  • Time of Jobsite Departure

  • Project Manager

  • Lead Technician (to complete report)

  • Installation Team (note all names on site for day)

Job Progress

Project Progress Feedback

  • Are deliveries on time?

  • Is there any damage to equipment?

  • Have you received updated drawings?

  • Have you received cable tags?

  • Have you received accurate SOW?

  • Are you receiving materials in a timely manner ?

  • Are other trades coordinating well?

  • Does the client/GC appear satisfied ?

Equipment Required on Site

Equipment Requirements - On Site

  • Add Equipment Requirements

  • Equipment Needed
  • Room/Area AV Drawing Number Required

  • Equipment Required - (Select One or Multiple) **Provide proper lead time to gather and set up delivery. If equipment is required immediately or next day, contact Project Manager immediately.

  • Denote "Other" Equipment

  • Date and Time Required

Tasks Started/Completed

Work / Tasks Started

  • Enter room number/AV drawing and Task completed.


  • Add media

Outstanding Work/Tasks

Work / Tasks Upcoming (next day)

  • Enter room number, AV drawing and Task to complete.


  • Add media

Site Issues or Delays

Jobsite Issues / Delays

  • Add a Room / Area

  • Room / Area
  • Room Name/Number

  • Add Issue / Delay

  • Action Item
  • Issue / Delay Description

  • Add Photo of issue/action item

  • Who caused the issue / delay ?

  • Indicate "Other"

  • What is the potential cost or schedule impact ? (Select any/all that apply)

  • Provide more information.

  • Has PM been notified to discuss plan to remediate issue ?

  • Contact PM to discuss actions to be taken.

  • ***Contact PM immediately for resolution, potential change order creation or delay notification.

Project Close Out

  • Is the project complete?

  • Have you made both the PM and your supervisor aware?

  • Has all the equipment/tools/material been picked up?

  • Have you scheduled a pickup with your PM?

  • Please take close out pics of the rooms completed as needed.

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