Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Enabler Lead

  • Activity

  • Are two or more groups / services required to complete this activity for the customer?

  • If Yes, continue with form.

  • If No, raise relevant request via groups service request portal. LaJO, AE547, CSC

Estate & Infrastructure Group (E&IG)

  • Has spacial allocation been confirmed with E&IG?

  • Are there sufficient desks in space required?

  • Is there sufficient power in space required?

  • Are building modifications required? If yes, please add details

Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG)

  • Does building / space contain existing DRN /DSN /DVN<br>If Yes - continue<br>If No - Customised ICT Request (CIR) or TC - ICT Network Facilities Infrastructure - New, to be raised via LaJO

  • PMKeys number and name of requestor

  • PMKeys number and name of alternate POC

  • PMKeys number and name of authorising supervisor / manager

  • PMKeys number and name of financial delegate

  • Cost Centre Code

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