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Before Starting Engine Checks

  • Fuel

  • Engine Oil Level

  • Hydraulic Tank Fluid Level

  • Hand Fire Extinguisher (in holder and fully charged)

  • Air Conditioner Indicator (clean or change air filter)

  • Engine Belts (check for adjustment or wear)

  • Fuel Cap Secure

  • Radiator and Oil Cooler (fins clean and unobstructed)

  • Wheel and Tire Assemblies (rim condition and tire inflation)

  • Any visible leaks?

After Starting Engine Checks

  • Engine (sound normal)

  • Instruments (Readings Normal?)

  • Exhaust System (Leaks or Excessive Smoke)

Note Anything Abnormal or Need To Have Repaired

  • Lights

  • Defroster

  • Horn

  • Backup Alarm

  • Windshield Wipers

  • Heater

  • Air Conditioner

  • Brakes

  • Enter Hour Meter Reading:

  • Date and Time

  • Shift:

  • Team Designation

  • Technician Signature:

  • Supervisor Signature:

  • Additional Comments:

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